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Installing OS 10.2 on Beige G3
Authored by: Niru on May 30, '03 12:11:13AM

I just got through fighting this one. I have been struggling with this for over a week, ever since 10.2.6 was installed on my system. (I've actually probably been suffering side effects from this for quite some time).

I had eliminated hardware as a potential cause, component by component. Also with Tech Tool Pro. I had also eliminated software as a potential cause, because it used to run with 10.2.5 just fine, for MONTHS, now all of a sudden, it crashed, wouldn't boot, wouldn't run 10.2 setup, but ran 10.1 just fine, no problems.

Then, I stopped being stubborn and bought a new battery.
Yes, my old battery was putting out 3.9 volts.
And the brand new battery was also putting out 3.9 volts.

but the OLD battery was putting out just under 10 mAmps. The NEW battery puts out just over 250 mAmps.

Like a new day dawning, ALL of my problems went away, including a lot of SBBOD's I had been having, general slowness, excessively long POST time, crazy boot behavior. (although my clock always kept good time, (network time synch, duh), and my other preferences stuck well also.

So I have a new #1 rule of thumb.
when in doubt - replace the battery!

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Installing OS 10.2 on Beige G3
Authored by: Niru on May 30, '03 02:58:33PM

Bah. Spoke too soon.

I was building up my system, installing the updates incrementally, drivers, etc, and noticed a lot of crashes (finder) and applications failing to launch, etc. I assumed my OS was compromised, because I had installed it with the flaky battery.

So I went back and reinstalled 10.1, and the 10.2 upgrade. 10.1 went fine.

10.2 hung.

My theory:
My understanding of the OS X boot process isn't very detailed, but I believe that when you tell OS X to boot off of a certain drive, it attempts to load a new nvramrc file from that device, which is a FORTH script for Open Firmware to run at boot time, to configure your devices appropriately for that OS's drivers.

I believe that the 10.2 ROM (nvram FORTH script) must have some kind of bug, which, when applied to a Beige, causes some kind of IO hang. Or possibly, it causes the hang if the hardware isn't fully up to snuff (while the hang would not otherwise occur under 10.1). Since I do not have access to low-level debugging equipment, nor do I have much knowledge of FORTH, or how the OS X boot up process works in detail, I can't really say this for sure.

But it's my hunch. I've eliminated pretty much every other possible cause.

In the latest case, the HANG occurs during the copy, (wrting files), and the screen is still up, and mouse cursor moves, but nothing on the screen responds to clicks.
In other cases, I've seen the screen just go black, and all IO cease.

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Installing OS 10.2 on Beige G3
Authored by: redleader on Jun 27, '03 10:58:15AM

I've had all the above and BOY! did it do my head in...but I've solved it.

Only install the first 3 basic elements via. a custom install.

No Printers
No Asian fonts
No Foreign languages

It just takes too long to do the lot and by then the system goes to sleep for some reason (I don't know why).

Then I'm gonna try adding these bits later...

For now OSX 10.2 installed fine as a 'basic' install.


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