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10.2 on Beige G3 - black screen
Authored by: cowboy on May 09, '03 10:56:57PM

I have tried upgrading two Beige G3s to OS X. With both I had
a similar problem. About 2/3 of the way through the install the
screen would just go black.

On the one in my room at work (I'm a teacher), I finally got it
installed although I couldn't see what was happening during the
last part of the install. It worked perfectly for several weeks.
Then a day or two after I installed 10.26, during the afternoon
(it had worked fine that morning) the screen went black (maybe
a student did something - I have no idea). No video at all - yet
the machine is up and running fine. Hitting the reset and return
causes it to shutdown like it should.

I have tried various things. I am able to get video during most
of the boot, it just disappears right at the end. Zapping the
PRAM, open firmware stuff, deleting the login window stuff using
the terminal in single user mode, logging in as a different user,

I tried doing the archive and install this morning.. screen
eventually went black and it failed. I read a post in the Apple
forums about pulling all the memory chips except one 128 to get
through the install - I'll try that next.

Anyone else had this kind of install problem with a Beige G3?

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10.2 on Beige G3 - black screen
Authored by: dmackler on May 10, '03 07:11:23PM

Yes, exactly the same set of problems with installang 10.2 on my rev. A beige G3 (w/ Newer G4/466).

I got around it by putting the drive in my G4 tower, installing, and swapping the drives back.

I did several things at once, so I cannot say which cured the problems, however: ran DIMM First Aid, and replaced the bad memory chip (Jaguar uses memory much more heavily than 10.1), moved the hard drive to an ACARD IDE PCI card (mostly for performance), and updated to 10.2.1/10.2.2. Somewhere around there, he began to behave properly. Before that, I never knew when he would have the "silent" kernel panic.


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10.2 on Beige G3 - black screen
Authored by: blgrace on May 12, '03 06:22:10PM

I also got the Black Screen of Death during the installation process on my Beige G3 - I gave up because I couldn't be bothered unplugging everything and pulling cards out.

Today, I did pull all my extras out, including ram. Jaguar installed perfectly well. Then I put all my cards and memory back and it still seems to be running perfectly well.

Time will tell I guess

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10.2 on Beige G3 - black screen
Authored by: blgrace on May 13, '03 10:43:48AM

Just an interesting thing I noted.... Jaguar is still up and running after 48hrs continuous - clicking on "About This Mac" shows me that I have 10.2.6 running with 384MB of RAM, which is correct - however, when I run the Apple System Profiler by clicking on the "More Info" button - all the details of the installed Ram modules and total memory isn't there - just nothing..... no big deal I guess - it's still running after all and love the fact that all my Macs are now using Rendezvous to talk to each other :-)

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10.2 on Beige G3 - black screen
Authored by: NovaScotian on May 27, '03 09:10:33AM

I had exactly this problem. Halfway through the first install disk the screen went black even though the second time around I moved the cursor every few minutes. The second time, I left the box alone for another 40 minutes and came back to discover that the first disk had installed anyway.

Same result with the second disk of the install, and in fact I have no way of knowing whether the second disk was installed because with a black screen I was never informed and it always asked for the second disk when rebooted. Eventually, I inserted the second disk, quit the installer, rebooted, and all worked.

I cannot boot into OS 9 however. It is on a separate SCSI drive, but the drive is not an approved Apple drive, so is not bootable, apparently.

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10.2 on Beige G3 - black screen
Authored by: davidv on Sep 15, '03 08:59:19AM

Exactly the same symptoms, had to take out all but one (1) 128MB RAM chip to get past the "Black Screen of Death". But that worked well. Also on my machine, revision A upgraded to a Sonnet 500 G3, I can not install more than one OS X system, one system installed on an ATA 66 Acard; OK, another system on another HD connected to another channel on the Acard will boot once, once only, it gets corrupted immediately. Saw something about this on an Apple forum once, but I forget where that was.


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