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Just a thought....
Authored by: SJT on Mar 04, '03 08:12:31PM

I've never had this problem at all; and I've had to force quit lots of apps at some point or other, or something has crashed.

However, I keep my machine on permanently so it has a chance to run the cleanup jobs nightly, weekly and monthly.
Seeing as a few of you seem to be laptop users, you probably don't do maybe you should move the cron jobs under the root user's tab to something like anacron or at, or reschedule the jobs so they are actually run when the machine is on. Maybe this will ensure that inodes don't get cross matched?
(to be honest, I don't actually know what the cron tasks I'm sort of guessing here)

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Just a thought....
Authored by: noblee on Mar 04, '03 11:32:42PM

No, the cron tasks will not help here. The errors they are finding are pretty naughty errors in the CONTENT of the files. the cron tasks are mostly dealing with daemons; the cron tasks do not affect the basic file structure. If you are curious, check out:

and the files they direct you to.

That being said, it is never a bad idea to run these scripts.

The concern I have is that I just checked--not a single file error on my PowerBook G4 that has been running now for a little over a year. I am also a pretty hard user on my poor box.

What did these users do that caused this? On my old Linux box, this was not too uncommon, but I was very impressed with OS X for having no file errors on this box until I heard about their stories.

I can see how force quitting could cause this, but I force quit Office apps daily and I kill Fire every few days and Safari once a week. And yet, I have no such corruptions. I would like to see what they all do similarly.

Oh, and I am really not at all sure that this is an OS X issue. I blame it on a cludgy app or apps, or at least I will blame it on non-Apple software until someone shows me an Apple link. Generally, Apple software is better than non-Apple software (even if Apple software is sometimes horribly broken itself!)

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How to dodge an OEA reformat bullet?
Authored by: 1e6 on Mar 06, '03 02:51:39AM

Superstition or lucky guess? I don't know, but when my TiBook's "overlapping extent" problem was not fixed by fsck, I too got ready to reformat my HD... except first I happened to notice a corrupted font, so I replaced that with a good copy from backup (yea!) and then I ran MacJanitor to do UNIX housekeeping tasks... and, whaddaya know... voilá: problem gone!

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