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RE:Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: Mikey-San on Feb 24, '03 11:00:31AM

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

"They should remain expensive because that means they're worth more."

Let me guess what you're wearing right now:

$129 Nike shoes, $50 Tommy Hilfiger pants, a $35 Structure shirt, and a $30 American Eagle hat.

Did I miss anything?

If expensive means getting what you pay for, fine. If it's expensive for the sake of being worth more, you should be investing in South African diamonds instead of computers.

Lower prices in technology == good.


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RE:Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: richtestani on Feb 26, '03 02:09:41PM
While it may sound stupid it true in any market. You have a hi-end version and a low-end version. Regardless of wat I may be wearing, there are expensive t-shirt that are 25 or 35 dollars and the same quality shirt for 10 or 15 dollars. You are not all together buying a computer, you are buying a brand. It is sold to those people who can differenciate this. Don't tell me you buy all stop & shop (or what ever generic food market brand) and not any specific brands? You buy them cause it makes you feel good. Apple is no different - if everyone in the industry had there computers set to $1299 and looked the same, which would you buy? It does not matter.
Rich Testani

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RE:Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: Mikey-San on Feb 27, '03 01:38:40AM

Would you like some methadone? Those drugs you're on are strong!

I buy things not because they're expensive--a Scout is thrifty, as they say--but because they serve a purpose.

If I can save money and get them cheaper, that's what's going to happen.

I happen to buy both big brand food and store brand food. Why? Ukrop's (Virginia grocery store chain) happens to make good sandwich bread, and they sell it for less than Wonder or other stuff.

Sometimes, I prefer the national brand stuff, and am willing to pay more. This goes for computers. I buy Apple stuff because I prefer it, not because paying $300 more than my friends makes me somehow smarter or better.

It doesn't. It's wasteful. You wouldn't pay $70,000 for a two-door Ford Taurus, because in the end, it's still just a two-door Ford Taurus. Your friends would look at you and laugh their asses off.

Now, if that Taurus came with "laser beams", suddenly it has a feature that can justify the cost; it's not just an overpriced sedan anymore.

If the extra money gets me nicer features, and I like the product more before the cost, it's justifiable to spend the extra money, on a personal, subjective level.

If two shirts are of the same quality (one sans a big-ass banner of the manufacturer's name across the front ;-)), but one is $15 less than the other, what sensible person would get the $30 shirt when he or she could have two for that sam $30? (Or perhaps one shirt and a nice lunch somewhere afterwards. ;-))

Are you a sheep? How does buying that more expensive shirt "feel good"? Because everyone else does the same thing, and ignores the alternative because others do, too? Sounds like the "I need Windows on my PC because everyone has it on theirs" mentality to me.


The sometimes higher price of Macs does not make them better in any way whatsoever. What you get in features makes them worth the extra bones.

If you have so much money to blow, perhaps you could donate it to Mac OS X Hints instead.

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