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Brilliant way to ruin your laptop
Authored by: klktrk on Feb 21, '03 11:26:55AM

Apple's laptops are designed so that the heat from the processor dissipates through the bottom and through the keyboard. From an engineer's point of view, the keyboard is an essential vent for the processor and should never be blocked while the machine is running. It's not just the screen you should be worried about; it's your processor overheating that's the main danger. If you haven't run into any problems yet, consider yourself lucky and be happy with that, but don't encourage anyone else to risk ruining their machine.

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Brilliant way to ruin your laptop
Authored by: PapaJosh on Feb 21, '03 12:11:53PM

If this is truly a problem, then what about all those times that I run my PB closed while connected to an external monitor? The same amount of heat is produced, and if the processor overheats in this state (an Apple approved operating state), then I'd say there's a serious design flaw.

Besides, more heat is dissipated through the heatpipe/fan combination than through direct readiation from the keyboard. If anything, the keyboard actually acts as an insulator for the heat.

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Brilliant way to ruin your laptop
Authored by: Jay on Feb 21, '03 12:27:24PM
You're right, operating with the lid closed is an Apple approved state.

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Brilliant way to ruin your laptop
Authored by: Mikey-San on Feb 21, '03 01:29:39PM

Yeah, but check this one out regarding iBooks:

That having been said, a few ponderances:

The PBG4 generates more heat than the iBook, so shouldn't this also apply to the Ti?

Counter-argument: The iBook has less non-keyboard venting and is encased in heavy plastic instead of thin, heat-conducting/sinking metal. Also, it's MUCH tighter inside the iBook than the Ti, resulting in better airflow inside the Ti.

It seems that Apple hasn't been really, really sparkling clear on this subject. I'd like to see a KBase article that just comes out and says when it's safe and when it isn't. Or whatever.

I'm sleepy, at work, and bored. Two cents. :-)


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Brilliant way to ruin your laptop
Authored by: bpaul on Feb 07, '04 12:24:05AM

Any engineer who honestly believes that dissipating heat through the keyboard is a good idea is a fool. A computer should never be intended to run only with the display open, and it surprises me that Apple has implemented this pathetic system. Here is why.
The Macintosh philosophy readily adapts to the newest, latest peripherals. On a Mac you will never find interfaces found in 99.9% of industry, such as RS232 or GPIB ports, yet there will be two Firewire ports. The thing that separates the computer from a $5.99 toy is not the display, but the processor, and our ability to unconditionally interact with it should never be comprimised.
If you burn your display out in one of the ways suggested above, that is Apple's problem, not yours. You bought a processor, and that's what you're using it as.
Windows laptops do not suffer from this problem. It is shameful that macintosh has to get a tick for being inferior in this category.

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