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Authored by: _merlin on Jun 27, '01 07:49:39PM

My typical uptime is about a week. However, this is not due to instability. I have to reboot when I install updates, and when I need to use Mac OS 9 for working on Classic applications (PowerMac Debugger doesn't work in Classic, and MPW has severe problems). I rarely bring the machine down. In 10.0, there was an incompatibility between a program I was writing and the CD-ROM driver, which caused kernel panics, and Classic could prevent a sleeping G4 Sawtooth to refuse to wake up. Both of those problems seem to have been corrected. Sometimes a program can refuse to exit, so that if you try to log out, the login window won't re-appear. My best uptime was 19 days with Mac OS X 10.0. I achieved over 40 days uptime with Public Beta (there were no updates to install).

Vasantha Crabb

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Public Beta DID stay up longer
Authored by: DeusExMachina on Jun 29, '01 02:53:07AM

And it was more than just not having so many updates.

For example, I used to amaze my linux-using friends by taking my simplistic killall script (killall is a utility to kill groups of processes by name or user which is absent from OS X for whatever reason) and kill -9 ing EVERYTHING. The result was a drop into single-user land, and a control-D later I could be back up and running with sequential PIDs. This after annihilating every running process!

I miss the stability of Public Beta, and some other things about it too: the ability to mount my DVD-RAM cartridges via mount -t hfs, for example. But more to the point, I wonder what they did to LOSE that stability... Musta been a lot of sloppy hacking late at night!

All that said, however, I'm no longer afraid with OS X to force quit things when they misbehave... it is a great step up from OS 9 in that it gives me the same uptimes, but without the thinking, patience, and conditioned responces 9 required :)

(1 day, 28 minutes since last kernel panic, as usual due to some filesystem extension or other; record: 40-some-odd days between trips into OS 9 for games back in the days of Public Beta)

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