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Just got mine to work
Authored by: wnights on Feb 16, '03 01:12:32AM

I posted this in response to one of the messages in this thread, but I thought I'd post it to the main thread to make sure it doesn't get lost. This is my setup:

Palm Tungsten T OS 5
iMac 800 Mhz Flat
Mac OS 10.2.4
Hawking USB Bluetooth adaptor H-BT10U

I just got it to work after fiddling FOREVER with it. Try this out:

1. If you're using Web Pro, one problem might be the OS X Firewall at System Preferences > Sharing. Web Pro uses funky ports, 8827 and 8775, probably because it was developed for using GPRS phone connections and not computers. So I added a new description with these ports to the Firewall and turned it on. I think the host address, is responsible for sending the pages to these ports. These ports are documented on this Palm web page in itty-bitty type: I wonder if Palm will set up a host for regular http ports, and then we'll get fouled up all over again, hmmm...

2. pppd sends its messages to /var/log/system.log, so I went there to see what's up by doing a "tail -f /var/log/system.log" while I invoked the ISharing script with sudo from the command line. There was this bit of consternation:

InternetSharing[668]: InternetSharing starting
InternetSharing[668]: no primary service specified, exiting

So I commented out the Internet Sharing startup lines in the script with "#"s so it looked like this:

# ConsoleMessage "Starting Internet Sharing"
# /usr/libexec/InternetSharing

Then I used the gui based System Preferences > Sharing > Internet to share the connection. Check the "Share the connection ..." box, and agree to the drop window that says your ISP is going to sue you if you turn this on. I turned it on before invoking the IShare script from the command line, but I don't think it matters what order you do it in.

3. I saw some board messages from guys trying to get it work over a phone, and they suggested substituting the IP address for ( in Web Pro's (menu) Options > Preferences > Advanced. That eliminates the potential DNS problems with the host address, anyway.

4. The connection should be working even if your funky ports are not open, because it should still be active for certain services. You can figure out whether your connection is working by using ping from within your Palm. Go to Prefs > Network > (your Service name) > (menu) Options > View Log with the connection active. Scroll to the bottom of the log and you can test ping there. Grafitti in "ping" return (downward left slash, not the Done button), and if your connection is talking to the outside world, it should have one line that says "Pinging with 32 bytes of data:" and then it should return "Reply from bytes=32 time=110ms TTL=125". If it times out, then you are not talking to the webpro site at the very least. If it works, I would ping a non-IP address like to test your DNS lookup. If it works there, then both the connection and your DNS servers are working. Beware that I got errors from some sites I pinged, including, probably because they set up their ping services strange.

5. This issue didn't affect me, but it might be helpful for you: I'm on a home network, and a buddy said pppd might have trouble connecting between my Mac's address and in the instructions. So he suggested I assign the remote address somewhere in the same range as my Mac, so I used "" instead of ":" in the pppd line for the ISharing script. Didn't turn out to be a problem for me, but you might try it. And yes, the pppd options have to be on the same line as the command.

Hope that helps. I did a lot of other troubleshooting things that I don't remember anymore, so if this doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll try to think back on what else I did.

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Just got mine to work with 10.2.4
Authored by: sleepwalker on Feb 25, '03 03:06:26AM

So it took me a while to get it working.

You see I am in the habit of disabling network interfaces I don't use. I was trying to set this up over airport and the airport location I was using has Built-In Ethernet disabled. As it turns out, this immediatly shuts down InternetSharing because it thinks you have no ports to share with.

The moral of the story:
If you are using this with airport, make sure that Built-In Ethernet is enabled. Otherwise InternetSharing kills itself.

Also of note: 10.2.4 comes with a Bluetooth Serial Utility which allows you to create any configure your own bluetooth serial ports. Check it out, it is pretty useful.

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Just got mine to work with 10.2.4
Authored by: osxfan57 on Mar 14, '03 02:09:17PM

Mine won't work...very frustrating, as I'm sure you know.
I have Mac OSX.2.4 and a Palm Tungsten T.
I've followed your directions and also tried the ones in the original post. I can sync and send/receive files between iMac and T|T, no problem. What I can't do is get an internet connection.
I've assigned an IP to my T|T that is within the range of my internal IP addresses. When I try to connect to the Network in Prefs, I get "Initializing," then "Signing on," then finally this error:
"Error: PPP timeout (0x1231)".
Can you offer anything else - thank you!

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It doesn't work
Authored by: Calvin on Mar 03, '03 07:39:18PM


I have tried all of this. I can ping outside site with my tungsten (numeric
value), but O cannot ping for instance.

How can I solve this?


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Mine doesn't
Authored by: knappa on Mar 13, '03 11:04:10PM

I can't even connect to the server using my Tungsten. I get an 'Error: Serial: timeout. Could be bad cable or faulty Modem. (0x0305)' message. You seem to be having succeeded with a pretty similar config.
I have an iMac DVSE 500 Mhz, a Tungsten T & a Keyspan Bluetooth adapter. I can send contacts and events via Bluetooth, so I'm guessing it's not the adapter which is at fault. Any ideas ?

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Mine doesn't
Authored by: osxfan57 on Mar 14, '03 02:01:51PM

Mine also doesn't. I can send/receive files to/from my TT and iMac (17", 800 MHz, OS 10.2.4). However, I can't share the internet connection so I can't browse, ping, etc.
I have tried following the directions elsewhere in this site to no avail.
What could possibly be the issue?
I have assigned an IP address to the Network configuration of my TT.
I have correctly assigned DNS server addresses as well for my ISP.
The Network Log reveals the following:

LCP->CfgReq (repeated five times)
Not connected

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Mine doesn't (continued)
Authored by: knappa on Mar 15, '03 09:25:46AM

Where can I find the Network Log ? So I can see whether we are havong the same problem. I would really like to get this thing working...

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Mine doesn't
Authored by: knappa on Mar 15, '03 11:29:49AM

Just to help you along one step further. I tried the tip named: 'Bluetooth Internet Sharing -> Palm'. This allowed to make a connection to my iMac. Unfortunately, I still can't even ping any adress. I'll keep trying till I can use ICQ from my bed !!!

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Mine doesn't
Authored by: osxfan57 on Mar 16, '03 01:21:08PM

Hmmm. Where did you find that particular hint? I myself have no problem doing file transfers and syncing over bluetooth. However, i can't get the internet connection shared yet - very disappointing. If you figure it out, please be sure to share here. Thanks!

iMac 17, OS 10.2.4

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