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Some extra details about what/how to patch
Authored by: cfoster on Feb 06, '03 12:54:24PM
This patch is for DVD Player 3.2. Quit the DVD Player before beginning.

Use a terminal to type:

    cd /Applications/DVD

(Path may change depending on where you store your DVD Player.)

    cp DVDPlayback ~/Desktop/
    cp DVDPlayback ~/Desktop/DVDPlayback.bak

The second copy is your backup safety in case something should go wrong. DO NOT close the terminal window. You will need to use it to finish this procedure and you will need to be in the same current directory.

Now edit the DVDPlayback file with HexEdit.
Below are the two sections within the DVDPlayback file you want to edit. Change the TWO 40 82 values marked in bold with 48 00. (I've included lots of extra hex around each 40 82 so these sections can be more easily found in future versions of DVD Player, should the offsets change.)

OOOF5200 38 80 00 01 48 01 59 7D 7C 7F 1B 78 7F E0 07 35
OOOF5210 40 82 00 14 28 1E 00 00 41 82 00 0C 88 01 00 38
OOOF5220 98 1E 00 00 7F E3 FB 78 80 01 00 58 38 21 00 50

000F78E0 94 21 FF C0 90 01 00 38 38 81 00 38 48 01 2D 3D
000F78F0 7C 63 07 35 40 82 00 14 80 01 00 38 54 00 07 FF
000F7900 40 82 00 08 38 60 FF FF 80 01 00 48 38 21 00 40

DO NOT change the 3rd '40 82' at 0x000F7900; only change the two which are bold.

Save your changes.

Now return to your terminal window and type:

    sudo cp ~/Desktop/DVDPlayback .

(Note the period at the end of this command.)

It will ask you for your administrator's password. The DVDPlayback file should still be owned by root, group admin.

This works on my G4/800, Pioneer DVR-A03, hooked in through a open-topped Other World Computing firewire hard drive case (not one designed for CD/DVD players).

One small problem though: I'm not getting any audio. If anyone has any ideas about how to get that working, I'm all ears!


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Some extra details about what/how to patch
Authored by: garnet on Mar 27, '03 08:20:03PM

I tried this method ( not the terminal commands ) and my dvd player
works now... in DVD studio pro a preview function does not work... it
gives a cannnot find proper DVD hardware error... i wonder if that has
anthing to do with teh terminal commands that you suggested...

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USB 2.0 Enclosure
Authored by: jayesseff on Mar 28, '03 01:19:36AM

I'd like to say this works with a USB 2.0 enclosure and DVR-104 drive
(using a OrangeMirco 2.0 PCI card and respective drivers) Same exact
procedure worked perfectly

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Authored by: Nor1 on Oct 20, '03 04:50:20PM

Thanks a lot!
It even works with Apple DVD Player version 3.1.1 under OS 10.1.5.
Offsets are different only.
I use a DVD-ROM Toshiba SD-M1201 SCSI. Video and audio are working properly.

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Using a Lacie FireWire DVD drive with DVD Player in 10.2.8
Authored by: tom7711 on Nov 08, '03 11:20:22AM

I have an external firewire DVD drive in OS X 10.2.8. and followed how to install the patch for DVD Player 3.2 by using Pasifist and Hexedit. However when I open DVD Player it starts to play the DVD and only goes as far as the copyright protection at the beginning of the DVD movie. The beachball starts spinning and then I have to force quit. Where am I going wrong?

I did notice that the offset figures where different in your post to that of the initial post by bedouin.

Should I be using offset 0F78F4 by Bedouin or 000F78F0 by yourself? or am I barking up the wrong tree.

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