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Works in Jaguar!!!
Authored by: amutti on Dec 12, '02 10:32:24AM

I just wanted you to know that this works in Jaguar 10.2.2. It was broke in 10.1.

I didn't exactly follow the instructions as presented at resexcellence. Here is what I did:

  • Add "quit" to finder using tinkertools.
  • Make a backup of /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/Localized.rsrc.
  • Make a copy of the same file on my desktop.
  • Use "QuickConvert" on the desktop copy (
  • Use resedit to edit resource fork.
  • Download and open prepared menu resources with resedit (
  • Copy the two elements inside the modified resources Mcmd and Menu into their corresponding resources in the Localized.rsrc file. DO NOT replace Mcmd and Menu in Localized.rsrc, open each and only copy and replace the items inside (in Mcmds copy "File" and "Icon Size", in MENU copy 129 and 139).
  • Trash /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/Localized.rsrc.
  • Copy desktop version of Localized.rsrc to /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/.
  • Quit Finder.
  • Restart Finder.

Now under "File" you will have an "Icon Size" menu item that works.

BUG/DOWNSIDE: Show information is no longer COMMAND-i, it is COMMAND-OPTION-i.

POSIBLE UPSIDE TO BUG: Instead of having to open multiple information windows, the window stays open and you simply click on the next item you want info on. The way it was prior to Jaguar

The original hack did not include this premodified stuff. Does any one remember what the hack was? Perhaps if applied to the new file the above bug would not happen?

Visit for a screen shot

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Works in Jaguar!!!
Authored by: elmimmo on Mar 17, '03 12:47:42PM

Didn't anyone found a work around to the File menu and its assigned shortcuts gettings a bit messed up?

I tried it in Mac OS X 10.2.4 and works like a charm, and would really use it if it kept my File menu tidy.

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Works in Jaguar!!! - REVISED
Authored by: funwithstuff on Mar 26, '03 06:15:54AM

Found a nicer way to do it that doesn't screw up your Get/Inspector box.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: Before you begin, make sure you have backups, and that you know what you're doing. You'll need ResEdit, QuickConvert, and the last comment in this thread.

Follow the instructions above, until you get to the part where you copy and paste the provided resources. You actually don't need them.

Two resource types need patching, the MENU and the Mcmd. The first one makes it look right, and the second links the commands (I think). In your copy of the Localized.rsrc file, add two menu items at the *bottom* of MENU #129, the File menu. (Adding to the bottom avoids screwing up the other items.) Add a separator line, then a submenu, Icon Size, linked to ID#139. This second MENU resource already exists.

(BTW, pasting in the provided resources would screw up the Get Info/Inspector items. The OS X Finder uses subsequent menu items to provide the alternatives shown when Option is held down. That is, Close Window becomes Close All when Option is held, but in the MENU resource, Close All is simply next in the list after Close Window.)

The Mcmd resource is a little different. Open ID#129, go to the bottom, and copy the last eight bytes, currently "00000000466E6446" in hex. That's four nulls and "FndF", which is the Find command. Just after these bytes, paste them in again. (BTW, the nulls are just the separator line.)

Change that last "FndF" you just pasted for "Isiz". The last hex bytes should read "000000004973697A".

Save, drop on QuickConvert, Quit Finder, and use the Terminal to copy over the old version. Make sure you have a backup first. Restart the Finder. Works for me, though I haven't restarted yet. Enjoy.

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