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Authored by: GaelicWizard on Nov 12, '02 04:50:03AM

as stated in other comments, this is pob not for most (all) people. I always have a complete backup of my system, so i would restore from a working backup if my comp wasn't bootable in the normal way anyway.
I lend my comp to my buds at PCC anyway so i'd rather that they can't go anywhere w/o permission than save the last day's worth of dloaded porno when restoring from backup. And when at home, my mom (yes, i still live with my mom. I'm only 18!!) has a habit of using my computer whenever I'm not here. If she EVER got into single user mode I'd be trying to fix my open-firmware AND system. This is prob most useful to people who run kiosks and the such.

I'm actually amazed and flattered that there's been so much outcry at my hint. actually I'm amazed my hint got published. Thanx robg!

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Authored by: effir on Nov 14, '02 11:03:38AM

Don't worry GaelicWizard they didn't see the interest to disable the single mode user. In a school where lots of student go on the same mac there is an interest. I don't want to see student hacking and changing password of my G4 so like that i'm quiet they can't be root. For my part i made an image of my G4 so even if my os is destroy i can restore my mac in 10 mn with all applications(3 partitions : 1 with the os another for the applications and another for users).

it's a good tip that's all it depend for wich use.

sorry for my poor English

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Tiger 10.4 support
Authored by: ohly on Sep 20, '05 06:04:57PM

Does anyone know if this would work in Tiger as there is no rc.boot file. Maybe using one of the other RC files?

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Authored by: weee on Sep 14, '04 01:28:33AM

I think this tip is amazing!!! I am for sure gonna use it. I manage cafe computers and public ppcs, and not a month goes by without someone messing with the system thanks to single user mode. I can only lock the system down so much, and single user mode has been my archilles heel for some time now. I understand many people wouldnt want to use it in case they need it if their system gets fried, but i just reinstall my main image via firewire, taking up only 10 minutes of my time. This should save me alot of time from having to reimage systems cuz some noob decided to hose my system for sh*ts and giggles. Thank you so much for this hint!!!

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