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Take Hoosier_1701's advice!
Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 02, '02 08:47:55PM

Anyone determined to get a USB printer shared with Windows using only one printer definition on the Mac side... don't bother. I don't know anyone that's managed it (assuming you still want to be able to print from the Mac, of course!) and it's not worth the effort.

I also recommend the author's advice to just use IPP (http://ipaddress:631/printers/printername) rather than fiddling about with Samba, which has the added elegance of PC users not being able to see the printer definition used by your Mac which they cannot print to. (Well, OK, you could achieve this behaviour by adding extra lines to smb.conf, but, again, why bother?)

One thing I wouldn't bother doing is selecting your printer manufacturer & model in the CUPS add printer procedure. The code needed to drive the printer is being generated by Windows, so you are as well just selecting 'raw', which will pass the print data through from Windows directly to the printer unmodified.

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Take Hoosier_1701's advice!
Authored by: tedlandis on Nov 03, '02 01:17:07PM

I agree 100%
Step #7 (Adding a printer to CUPS) should be in bold and all caps.
Do NOT try to use the same printer definition for both Mac printing and Windows printing!!!
Add a second CUPS printer definition!

Also I agree that it doesn't matter what printer definition you use. The output from Windows is already formatted by the driver on the Windows side and is being transfered to the printer in a raw format. This is why you had to uncomment those lines in Steps #3 and #4.

Also for those of you who are printing from Win98 PCs that don't have Internet Printing capabilities built in, try installing the Internet Printing package that comes with Windows ME (on the CDROM). It works fine in Win98 as well.

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inactive printer
Authored by: bugs on Nov 03, '02 03:56:11PM


well this hint is great and for once XP has recognize the usb printer (canon) that is on my ibook. I want to print from XP but the only problem is that the printer is said inactive by XP but it works fine from my ibook where the printer is.

Any idea for this inactive problem ?

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Take Hoosier_1701's advice!
Authored by: mgalke on Jan 22, '04 04:29:40PM

Hey Hoosier,
I followed all your instructions to the letter (great post by the way) but unfortunately, it doesn't work for my printer, an HP Photosmart 7550, which is disconcerting because it's a relatively new printer on their (HP) product line. Basically, the job makes it from the Win box to the print queue on the iMac, but then it just sites there and says, "GenericClass - Waiting for Device". A few things I've done already:

1) I got to step 11 in your post, but my "model/driver" doesn't show up in the list.
2) I then tried to use "raw" and "raw-queue" as suggested in one of the replies to your post. No joy.
3) I downloaded and installed the Gimp Print drivers for my HP (actually, even Gimp doesnt' make a Gimp compatible driver for my Photosmart 7550, but on's site, they have a driver compatilbility chart, and I selected those drivers instead (HP Deskjet 550c drivers, also HP Deskjet 900 Series drivers). Still no joy.

No matter what I do, the job DOES go to the queue on the Mac that has printer sharing enabled, but that's all... it just sits there w/ that message of "GenericClass -Waiting for Device".
Any ideas Bro??? This is really driving me crazy, and I've used up all of my resources. I'm completely stumpted!!

Thanks, Mike

Mac = iMac flat panel 800 w/ 768 MB ram, with Printer Sharing enabled. HP Photosmart 7550 is patched into this Mac via USB, directly into ISB port.

Windows box = Acer Laptop / 16 GHz, 260 MB ram. This machine is brand new.


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