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Hint unsuccessful at the PC-side
Authored by: interneth on Nov 02, '02 03:55:04PM

I diligently followed the instructions of how to have a PC printing on a HP deskjet connected to a Mac (G4, OS X 10.2), happy to find a way to save my marriage :) and within only one day after asking a question about this. Everything run as predicted on the Mac side. I have a samba connection working between the Mac and the PC, so no problems in this part of networking. When installing a new printer (Windows ME), after saying I want a networkprinter I type in the address '' and then I get a message about the printer being off line, though it isn't.
By coincidence also I don't manage to make a printer connection between my iBook with Airport and my G4, both of which are running OS X 10.2. Also there is an ApplteTalk connection, that facilitates exchanging files. The printer isn't just seen when using the Print Center on the iBook, adding a printer via AppleTalk through the local network.
Can you help me?

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Hint unsuccessful at the PC-side
Authored by: isalkind on Nov 07, '02 07:39:01PM

I also followed the instructions dilligently and received the same error message when attempting to configure from the windows side. I stumbled across another hint here today that helped me get through it (see

Here's the changes to the instructions that worked for me:
1) There is an apparent limitation on the windows side to printer names of length 10.
2) At step 11 when configuring the printer on the mac side, choose Raw for the make
and Raw Queue for the model.

That's all the changes I needed to get my Epson Stylus Color 600 printer to work from windows (Win2K). This is obviously not an exact science as I've seen numerous different instructions; your milage may vary.


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Hint unsuccessful at the PC-side
Authored by: kennyfett on Dec 19, '02 03:21:24PM

I am living proof that the combination of the original article plus your hint makes it work!

I did it with a Deskjet 842C, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why the tip wasn't working...I had my printer name as DESKJET_840C_WIN, and I kept getting the same error message that the printer didn't exist.

I read your addendum, changed the printer to DESKJETWIN, and....success!

Thanks a MILLION!

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'WINC80' & Raw
Authored by: secundar on Jan 31, '03 07:03:21AM

I change the first name i used from WindowsC80 to WINC80 - even though it was 10 char. I also change the cue to Raw as prescribed. Got a nice windows test page!

Thanks, all!

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Hint unsuccessful at the PC-side
Authored by: robMaurizi on Mar 11, '03 05:37:35PM

I successfully set up CUPS on the OS X side, but the Windows side still isn't quite happening properly:

- WinME connected via Ethernet to Router
- HP DeskJet 1220C connected to G4 (OS X 10.2.4) via USB

I get beautiful test pages from the Mac
On the Windows side, I consistently get "Printer is off-line. You may install the drivers now, but you will not be able to print until the printer comes back on line" (or something to that effect) error whenever I try to add the printer.

I've changed the printer name so that it's < 10 characters, and I've changed it from HP to Raw & Raw Queue in CUPS.

Any ideas? Anyone?


sig TK

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Hint unsuccessful at the PC-side
Authored by: interneth on Mar 28, '03 04:50:10PM

I was wondering if the bad result of this action can't be attributed to the
fact that I'm using a PC with Windows ME installed. The only other
contribution here about having no result reported ME as the OS too. Any
comment on this?

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Hint unsuccessful at the PC-side
Authored by: mgalke on Jan 22, '04 04:28:04PM

Hey Hoosier,
I followed all your instructions to the letter (great post by the way) but unfortunately, it doesn't work for my printer, an HP Photosmart 7550, which is disconcerting because it's a relatively new printer on their (HP) product line. Basically, the job makes it from the Win box to the print queue on the iMac, but then it just sites there and says, "GenericClass - Waiting for Device". A few things I've done already:

1) I got to step 11 in your post, but my "model/driver" doesn't show up in the list.
2) I then tried to use "raw" and "raw-queue" as suggested in one of the replies to your post. No joy.
3) I downloaded and installed the Gimp Print drivers for my HP (actually, even Gimp doesnt' make a Gimp compatible driver for my Photosmart 7550, but on's site, they have a driver compatilbility chart, and I selected those drivers instead (HP Deskjet 550c drivers, also HP Deskjet 900 Series drivers). Still no joy.

No matter what I do, the job DOES go to the queue on the Mac that has printer sharing enabled, but that's all... it just sits there w/ that message of "GenericClass -Waiting for Device".
Any ideas Bro??? This is really driving me crazy, and I've used up all of my resources. I'm completely stumpted!!

Thanks, Mike

Mac = iMac flat panel 800 w/ 768 MB ram, with Printer Sharing enabled. HP Photosmart 7550 is patched into this Mac via USB, directly into ISB port.

Windows box = Acer Laptop / 16 GHz, 260 MB ram. This machine is brand new.


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