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Authored by: tinfoil on Oct 23, '02 11:32:06AM

<i>Important: These firmware updates cannot be installed when the computer is started up from Mac OS X. In order to install them, you must start up the computer from a Mac OS 8 or Mac OS 9 System Folder on the computer's hard disk (not from a CD). See the hardware and software requirements listed for each installer for details.</i>

I find this ironic that while they are pushing to rid themselves of anything prior to OS X, you still need it to upgrade your firmware.

Thankfully my DVI Tibook didn't need an update because I didn't even think to check this. Being a mac newb, I didn't even think of checking something like this.

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Authored by: r0adrage on Oct 23, '02 12:21:21PM

I just noticed that mine is not the latest. I thought the installer might have checked before installing, and since it didn't complain...

So now mine isn't the latest. I just hope my OS9 will boot, since I deleted a bunch of OS9 folders since I never use it... oops.

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Not too late I guess
Authored by: jjones on Oct 23, '02 04:27:06PM

I have been running 10.2 following an upgrade from 9.2.2 for about a month now with pleasant results and no observable deficiencies. I just upgraded the firmware(it needed it) and encountered no problems following the directions. I will wait and see if I see any improvement.

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FIX via TIDBITS: iMac|firmware|OSX v. 10.2
Authored by: mo on Oct 29, '02 04:52:57PM

1) Installing Jaguar on some slot-loading iMacs _can_ render the
machine unusable by blacking out the internal display, even when
trying to start up in Mac OS 9. The bug is apparently in Jaguar,
not the installer.
2) You can avoid the problem altogether by updating your iMac's
firmware _before_ installing Jaguar. The current firmware version
is 4.1.9; it's a 1.2 MB download.(chech install CD for included firmware)

**Seeing Black?** If you've already attempted to install Jaguar
and are looking at a black screen, you can recover, but it's not
simple. Essentially, you must find a way to update your iMac's
firmware from a writable drive without having use of the iMac's
Perhaps the best approach is to open the iMac, remove its hard
drive, and connect the hard drive to a second computer (like a
Power Mac G3 or G4 with an available drive bay). Then copy the
firmware updater to the iMac's drive, install a remote control
program like Timbuktu onto the hard drive and configure it to
allow incoming access, and set the drive to boot in Mac OS 9.
Next, move the hard drive back to your iMac and boot the machine
in Mac OS 9 (the screen will still be black). Then, connect to
the iMac over a network from another Macintosh using the remote
control program and run the firmware updater. Once you've done
that, the iMac's video should be restored. TidBITS#653/28-Oct-02

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Solution?? -may be worth trying
Authored by: Anonymous on Jan 28, '03 12:53:33PM

I have managed to resurrect a dead iMac (Slot Loading 400mhz, No vga monitor output) that was suffering from a black monitor after installing OS 10.2 without first installing the firmware update (Doh!).
Here's what worked for me:
I had 2 memory chips in the machine. One was the original 64Mb one the other was a 128Mb chp I had installed some time ago.
I unplugged the machine and removed the 128Mb chip. I then restarted...Black screen.
I then turned off the power and re-installed the 128Mb chip. When I restarted I had enough of a picture (it was blue and blurred) to be able connect to the network and copy over the Firmware update and set OS 9 as the start up folder.
I then screen again
So i repeated the power off - uninstall memory chip - restart - power off - re-install memory - restart routine and ended up with a blurry OS 9 desktop (green this time!!??) from which I was able to carry out the open firmware upgrade.
Now everything seems fine!

I'm sure this routine may not work for everyone with this incredibly frustrating problem, but it seems to have saved me an expensive trip to the Apple Dealer!

Al Fleming

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