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No such option
Authored by: logo on Oct 17, '02 10:35:49AM


I don't have the option "Windows Printer via SAMBA"...

Any ideas

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No such option
Authored by: lolopb on Oct 17, '02 10:38:31AM

This is normal, this hint is incomplete, refer to this one :

You'll see that you need to create a softlink first (maybe created by GimpPrint installer, I don't know).

This works very well here...

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No such option
Authored by: rspress on Oct 17, '02 11:31:47AM
I also have no option for:

"Windows Printer via SAMBA"

Does anything need to be installed, either on the Mac or PC, to get this option?

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No such option [FIX]
Authored by: cj on Oct 17, '02 01:25:05PM
As lolopb suggested, this hint is incomplete -- you need to enable SMB printing from the command line before this option appears in Print Center:

In a terminal window, enter the following commands:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/smbspool /usr/libexec/cups/backend/smb

sudo killall -HUP cupsd

then launch Print Center and follow the instructions in this hint to print to a Windows shared printer.

Hope this helps.

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No such option [FIX]
Authored by: Deut3221 on Oct 17, '02 02:21:36PM

Thank you cj! I added the shared printer in the Print Center BUT it will not print.

I followed the following steps:
1. Launch Print Center
2. Hold down the Option key while clicking the Add button (in the Printer List window)
3. Select Advanced from the first pop-up menu.
4. Pick "Windows Printer via SAMBA" in the "Device" pop-up menu.
5. Enter whatever you want in "Device Name"
6. Enter the URI in "Device URI". The syntax I entered was: smb:// [xxx.xx.x.x is the IP address that I use to mount the Windows box using smb]
7. Pick the printer vendor from the Printer Model pop-up menu <HP 2200>

Unfortunately when I print, it says "Stoped." If I try to restart the printer, it fails to connect.

The Windows printer is shared (I verified this from another Windows box). I am doing something wrong but I am clueless. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks.

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No such option | not fixed
Authored by: hexghost on Oct 18, '02 02:07:59AM

I too have this exact problem. Jaguar on a powerbook 550 printing to a HP Laserjet 2100 on windows 2000. Works fine for other samba clients (ie non os x, like freebsd), and of course works fine for windows.

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No such option [FIX]
Authored by: lshort on Oct 31, '02 03:48:50PM

I followed these instructions in an attempt to connect from my IMAC to a Canon BJC4400 on a XP machine.

Instead of "Windows Printer via SAMBA" I get "Unknown Nework Device (smb)" needless to say I cant print. A connection attempt is made but then the Print monitor say 'STOPPED'.

Any ideas?


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What about HP Photosmart inkjets?
Authored by: dcnblues on Oct 25, '02 05:20:27PM

I don't have SAMBA either... then again, I'm running Dave for OS X so it's got its own SMB service running.

Another problem... the additional printer drivers update doesn't include HP Photosmart inkjets in its printer list, and the Photosmart driver from HP doesn't recognize network-shared printers, only those connected via USB! [Tear out hair in frustration]

So, here's the workaround. It's ugly, but it works.

Set up a folder in the /Users/Shared directory, called Print Spool. Share it. Share permissions should be set so that everyone, even those on the network, has read/write/full control access. The system admin should also install a generic printer in the Print Center. It'll not be used, but it's a placeholder.

Each user on the Mac should then drag the Print Spool folder from the /Users/Shared folder to the dock, or make an alias and put it on the desktop.

When printing, instead of clicking "Print" in the settings dialog, click "Save as PDF". This uses the Quartz engine to render the document in PDF format. Then drop the resulting PDF file onto the Print Spool folder icon/alias. This puts the document into a shared folder that the Windoze "print station" can see.

Then go to the Windoze station, access the share (perhaps from a desktop shortcut, hmmn?), right-click on the document, and Print it using Adobe Acrobat. Once the doc's done printing and you've proofed your copy, trash it from the Windows machine and it's no longer in the queue.

The ugly part of this is you aren't actually doing everything from one box; you have to go somewhere else to complete your print job. At some point I'll have to see about scripting the print jobs, but that'd be a Windoze discussion and not appropriate here.

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Authored by: Morgoth on Jun 16, '03 07:46:56PM

You need to be holding down the "option" key when you click add in Print Center. Once you've done that a secret "Advanced" option will become available in the drop-down menu.

When you select "Advanced" you need to select "Windows Printer via Samba" for the device. From there the rest of the hint can be followed verbatim.

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No such option
Authored by: jayenuu on Dec 16, '05 08:11:49PM

This problem vexed me for about three days. But, I finally figured it out! The problem lies not on the mac but on the PC (if your printers are connected directly to your PC).

On your PC:
>open control panel>printers and faxes
>right click the printer that you are having problems with
>open sharing make sure to check the "share this printer" box
> on the printer name make sure that "share name" has NO, I repeat NO spaces in the name (I changed the name from "Canon i560s" to "Canoni560s".

On mac:
>open system preferences
>open printer & fax
>delete printer "-" that is giving you problems (i.e Canon i560s)
>add printer "+"
>open "More Printers"
> from top drop down menu select "windows printing"
>double click the computer that is connected to the printer(s)
>select the printer that you changed the name on in windows and add it.

This should solve your problem.

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