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Authored by: Mike Perry on Aug 22, '12 08:20:18AM

Apple seems have at the top of its to-do list:

1. **** MUST DO!!!!! Wreck the ability to save documents simply and effectively in OS X. Do it ASAP!!!!!

Lion saw them trash a perfectly functional, well-accepted, industry standard Save As functionality with something so weird and dysfunctional, it has made me hate apps like Preview. Now I can't simply close a document in a instant after looking at it, I have to wait about four seconds for a stupid 'do you want to save' window to appear and dismiss that. "No you idiots at Apple," I think. "If I'd wanted to save it, I'd have saved it. Besides, you idiots, this is a document I OPENED. That's what people do with Preview. I still have the original around. DUH!"

Now with Mountain Lion Apple hides perfectly valid save functions, forcing users to remember "Oh yeah, those idiots at Apple hid this one just to tick us off. I have to use Option to get to that one."

I assume that somewhere on our planet there's a few dozen people dim-witted enough to need those changes. Remembering to Save is beyond their mental powers like remembering to close the refrigerator door.

But for the rest of us Apple needs to add to Preferences a "Use Classic Save As" option. And it needs to do that in the next point release of Mountain Lion.

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Authored by: lowbatteries on Aug 22, '12 10:12:52AM

I'm pretty sure in any app, on any OS, if you've made changes and try to close the document it asks if you want to save it.

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Authored by: HobbesDoo on Aug 22, '12 12:15:25PM

I'm perfectly happy with the changes, there not all users agree with you. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about saving changes all the time and that the system takes care of that for me automatically, still giving me the option to discard the changes if I don't want them.

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Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Aug 22, '12 08:21:17PM

I like it too. I will never lose a TexEdit document again because I forgot to save it before shutting down, etc.

I on a bunch of them and don't even save them. I was using them for notes, but now I have been using Notes. But I have a bunch of TextEdit documents open that are persistent through restarts. Most of them were never saved. So if you click the close button it asked if you want to save it or not. I think it's pretty slick.

iMac 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo, 8GB, 1TB, Mac OS X 10.8

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Authored by: msadesign on Aug 23, '12 05:59:22AM

Dude, I am SO onboard with you on this. At first, the chorus of folks who adapted easily to this gave me pause, so I tried to be more open about it. But I just do not see how it is an improvement. And now other users that I manage are losing files with frequency because of the blind over-write behavior.

In short, using the new system requires us/me to re-think a long-engrained behavior, and for very little or no benefit.

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Authored by: wfolta on Aug 26, '12 07:46:49AM

Three thoughts:

1. Learn to use Quick Look if you really only want to quickly look at a document.

2. If you don't modify something, it does not ask you want to save it. You're the one "leaving the refrigerator door open" if you modify a document and then expect to close it -- losing all changes -- without any prompting. If you're "simply clos[ing] a document in a instant after looking at it" you won't have a problem.

3. Switch to Windows, which has still uses a "perfectly functional, well-accepted, industry standard Save As functionality".

Save As has always worked one way, and has not necessarily made sense. Once you Save As, are you working on the original document (and saved a copy), or have you closed the original (without modification or prompt) and are now working on a new copy? Apple's new system simply makes the choice clear. Yes, it actually takes a bit of thought to do things the new way, but if you can't muster the brain cells to do that perhaps you should stop upgrading OS's and simply stick with the one you like for the rest of your life?

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