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Mountain Lion grade
Authored by: cra on Aug 01, '12 07:51:32AM

I'd really like to know people's reasons for the lower grades, as that could be helpful in deciding whether to upgrade or not. Anyone?

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Mountain Lion grade
Authored by: DCJ001 on Aug 01, '12 10:38:20AM

The people who gave the lower grades are Microsoft employees.

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Mountain Lion grade
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Aug 01, '12 09:13:40PM


iMac 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo, 8GB, 1TB, Mac OS X 10.8

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Mountain Lion grade
Authored by: fyngyrz on Aug 01, '12 01:55:50PM

Low grade because:

Sandbox by default, applescript busted, app store apps now emasculated by decree... that's serious enough, but you have to ask yourself if these things will be turned into roadblocks we can't work around.

"Full-screen" mode; Used to work with multiple monitors, now utterly broken.

Webserver? "Buy OS X Server"... seriously? Yep.

~/Library - Hidden

So. I didn't buy a mac to own an appliance. I bought it to own a computer. You know. Programmable, etc. The synergies of apps that work together.

Apple has been far from perfect; lack of decent IPC (public port style messaging), the unbelievably weak Finder, the manifest dumbness of that menu bar in a multi-monitor environment, the single button mouse idiocy, PPC emulation gone, the anti-typist chiclet keyboards (thank you, Matias!) that whole broken display profile processing thing, broken UDP ports... a trail of unfixed bugs that stretches back across a number of OS releases.... but it was improving in the newer versions, even if they were screwing people who bought earlier versions thinking they'd be responsible enough to fix the bugs in them.

But now it's actually devolving. The "upgrade" is a downgrade. Compounding this is Apple's failure to bring IOS along; 20 apps per folder, no nesting... come on. This isn't 1981 any longer. I want to put apps of one type into ONE folder. Instead, I have folder1, folder2, folder3... ugh. A good number of the apps I have that used to work fine just crash now, or won't even start. Not that IOS is that important to me by itself -- I don't dev for it -- but I take it as a sign that the people making decisions at Apple are doing a very bad job of it.

Time for me to take a harder look at where I want to put my effort.

Right now, I have ML running on a machine to test my apps. I have no plans to actually use it myself, or, if it turns out that an app won't run on it, to modify my products to comply with the sandbox or anything else they've hosed. I will, however, warn my users -- that's only fair.


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Mountain Lion grade
Authored by: cra on Aug 02, '12 12:08:13AM

Thanks for the extensive reply :)

I find it somewhat strange that " the single button mouse idiocy" still pops up as an argument, though? I have been using my Microsoft (!) mouse since day 1 as a Mac user, and all my buttons work just like I'm used to. Granted, I had to set them up in the settings, but that wasn't a problem.

I have seen some devolving myself after my first experience with OS X. When I first started using it (I think it was Leopard), I was impressed how it automatically knew which printer to use by default based on my IP address (?). When I as at home, it selected my home printer. At work locations it always selected the one I used last on that location. In Snow Leopard that was gone.

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