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Why do some get an error message
Authored by: tempel on Jul 30, '12 01:48:39PM

Where did you find reports that this is causing problems? What kind of errors are they? In the Console, or dialog boxes showing the error? And does it lead to data loss or is it just an annoying error msg that one can ignore?

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Why do some get an error message
Authored by: Ronald Lanham on Jul 30, '12 06:42:54PM

I just got the error message myself for the first time.

I see now the steps to make it occur...
Open a TextEdit file change it but don't save it.
A little while later (varies from a couple of minutes to many minutes) and you get an error message.
But if you have an open TextEdit file and it's been saved (or opened without changing it) there will be no error message.

I have gotten in the habit of manually saving so often that I hadn't seen this before.

It seems innocuous though since all that I had to do was dismiss it and I could go on changing the unsaved TextEdit document as much as I wanted and then save it.

So for the _considerable_ speed improvement I've seen in the system itself it's a no brainer for me to keep Autosave deactivated... and occasionally put up with this minor annoyance.

Only TextEdit does this. I've left Pages, TextWrangler and Bean files opened after changing them and none of them display an error message.

It's nice to have the added speed. Now opening applications, and even folders in the Dock that had previously taken several seconds to open, now open quickly after globally disabling Autosave.

I imagine this is due to the system no longer having to waste resources keeping track of everything.

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Why do some get an error message
Authored by: tempel on Jul 31, '12 01:07:57AM

I am skeptical about the performance increase you report.

I am a software developer and understand some if not even most of the techniques behind tracking files for auto save, and in general it's not putting strain on the system that'd be noticable.

Similar techniques, with a lot more "strain" are used by Time Machine and Spotlight, for instance. Unless you have disabled all these entirely, those should slow down your system long before auto save would do it, I reckon.

However, if you have folders with 1000s of files inside, and expecially if those are your default save destination (e.g. the Documents folder), I could imagine a slowdown. Do you have such folders?

Or it could be a misconfiguration or "dead" link to unavailable files that causes problems, that are particular to your system but not to everyone else's.

For instance, a few people reported slowdown issues with my disk search program "Find Any File". Turns out that for some, it was because of a flaky (and slow) internet connection - I noticed that myself when I was going online with my phone on the train, with on-and-off reception. Here, the issue was in my app, fixed since. Still, it was quite an unusual setup and no one expected that this would interfere the way it did.

The other issue, though, was more common: Someone had configured his Mac to mount a network volume only when it was accessed. That's an old BSD/Unix feature. Everytime FAF searched the disk, this file got "triggered", trying to mount the network volume, which wasn't available any more, though, causing minute-long delays.

So, while these examples are not of the problem you're having, I'm just saying that cause and effect are sometimes not what they seem. In your case, you might have some other problem, and I don't think autosave is really the cause of it, only a trigger that makes it more apparent. So, I'd keep an eye out and try to get on the ground of this.

Oh, and here's a general guide for checking what's wrong with your system:

A few things of that you should try, e.g. log in as a different user, to see if the problem goes away, suggesting a misconfiguration on your default system. But then, maybe it _is_ the option this hint is about. However, I do not see the issues you report, so I rather think it's something particular on your system, not a general one.

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Why do some get an error message
Authored by: Ronald Lanham on Jul 31, '12 07:47:30AM


Thanks for the post.

I see a very noticeable reduction in time that it takes for some apps to launch from the Dock. Most noticeable is Mail... but TextEdit and Preview are quicker as well.

Definitely not my imagination for my system, though I'm not saying that all others will see the same results.

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