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Two partitions are a good thing
Authored by: arohlen on Oct 14, '02 06:24:30PM

It is *always* wise to have two separate partitions, especially on a new machine where you can easily afford a few GB for an "emergency" partition, or whatever you want to call it.
On my latest machines (last week, a dual GHz windtunnel) I have a small partition where I have both another install of OSX and an install of 9. OS 9 is used as the Classic environment in X and also as a standalone boot if I should need it.
Why OS X on two partitions? Well, right now I am writing this while Drive 10 is defragmenting my ordinary partition. Error checking is also only possible on non-system partitions, whether you use drive 10 or disk utility.
Besides, i don't want OS 9 files to litter my root volume even if it technically does work...

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Two partitions are a good thing
Authored by: deleted_user18 on Oct 15, '02 01:33:21AM

There is no need to defragment HFS+! The same is true for ext2, NTFS, etc.

If your iMac 15" is too slow, then it is because of the awful slow harddrive and not because of defragmentation.

Defrag is for FAT(32)-users with to much spare time.

You do more harm to your system with buggy "tools" like Drive10 or Norton which make more trouble than they solve!

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Two partitions are a good thing
Authored by: balthisar on Oct 15, '02 07:03:34AM

gaspode, there is a reason to defreg HFS+ and NTFS -- fresh system installs. I defrag my HFS+ and NTFS drives (the NTFS is obviously not any of my Macs), ususally after doing a complete system install (OS, all applications, etc.). It really does "clean up" the organization a bit. Then I forget it for months at a time, because it's not really needed. At work, I find myself having to defrag my FAT32 volume on a regular basis, though.

As for Classic/OS X on separate volumes, we're likely to get into a philosophical war. I'll say that that I've never had a problem having both on the same partition, and I've never had them in separate partitions. There's never a reason for me to boot into System 9 off the hard drive, and the only reason I even keep Classic is for installing things like AppleWorks that install in Mac OS 9 and later upgrade for Mac OS X.

I *do* partition my drive for /Users though (well, the G4 has a second drive and the PowerBook is partitioned). I think it's silly (for me) to waste a partition for Classic/OS9 for no good reason, let alone having it show up on my desktop and never using it! Having a separate system and /Users on the desktop is perfect (for me), and by having /Users on a separate volume, it makes reinstalls exceptionally easy (although since 10.2 came out, I've not had to). It also keeps constantly changing user files from intermingling with systems and application files (probably one of the reasons I don't have to defrag often).

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