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No good idea
Authored by: deleted_user17 on Oct 14, '02 10:10:06AM

Making an extra partition for OS9 isn't very clever, especially when the day will come where you want get rid of it anyway.

Just install OS9 on the same partition as OSX already is or install OS9 on a disk image which can reside anywhere on your harddisk (see search function to find the how-to).

OS9 and OSX don't hurt each other so there really isn't a point in making partitions.

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Re: No good idea
Authored by: hombre on Oct 14, '02 03:07:12PM

I disagree with the statement that there is no point in having OS X and OS 9 on separate partitions. Moreover, the reasons for doing so don't have anything to do with OS X and OS 9 "hurting" each other, whatever that means. One good reason to do this is that if your only OS 9 system is on the same partition as your only OS X system, you lose the ability to choose your startup system by pressing the option key during restart. This can be a handy maneuver if something has gone awry and can be preferable to having to boot into OS 9 from a CD, which may not always be possible and is frequently inconvenient.

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Re: No good idea
Authored by: skab on Oct 14, '02 06:49:34PM
I always had just a single, big partition, since I really, absolutely hate dividing my HD space without a good reason. Being able to choose with option to boot into X or 9 is great, but seriously, as long as you're not a ProTools power user, how often do you do this? And 99% of the time you'll have to look at this useless OS 9 partition...

If I can't boot into X for some (bad) reason, I'll boot from my first-aid-CD anyway, and if I can boot into X, I do that and switch with system prefs. Takes a minute or two, but saves me from having this additional partition (BTW, tried this for some time, really didn't like it).

Oh, and I use an old Extended KB II (ADB) plugged into an iMate, and it's not recognized at early startup time, so I have to get my Apple USB KB out of the closet anyway to use option-boot ;-)

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Re: No good idea
Authored by: deleted_user18 on Oct 15, '02 01:27:35AM

If you have to repair your system - boot into OS X single user mode.

Therese no need for OS 9 "if something goes wrong".

I think everybody should learn to fix problems using the Unix-side of Macs, because OS 9 is soon gone.

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Re: No good idea
Authored by: Air Mapster on Oct 15, '02 02:20:51PM
As a unix guy, I would fully agree with this if OS X were up to the task. Unfortunately, Darwin's fsck still misses problems that OS 9's Disk First Aid will catch and fix. Plus, Disk Warrior does better than both of them and it's OS 9 only (Apple really should talk to Alsoft about buying the Disk Warrior technology to integrate it into fsck and a graphical OS X tool). So any time OS X panics or crashes (it's only happened to me about 5 times in the last year, but that's enough to warrant extra measures), I boot into OS 9 and check the partition. I like to be paranoid about the integrity of my data. ;-)

Yeah, I could boot off of a CD, but that's not always handy when you're out and about with a notebook. I have other reasons for liking separate partitions too (probably goes back to my unix roots of having separate filesystems for different parts of the system), but perhaps I should have stressed that this hint is only useful if you want to do it. Nobody's saying you should. ;-)

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