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just a few
Authored by: sinned72 on May 02, '11 10:28:58AM

From my experiences and information in the help:

copy/paste of wrapped lines without hard returns works (in my experience - although that may depend on application, maybe)

unlimited scrollback (use -1 instead of a number but a warning of slowness is listed in the help regarding this - which makes sense and honestly I would never use unlimited scrollback as I have crashed an ssh bounce server with my sessions (screen and unlimited scrollback can lead to a very large amount of CPU and memory if you are not careful) )

Window Titling is not a real feature in my opinion as mine change depending on the tab or shell being executed, that is I set the window titles using xterm rules, termcaps and environment variables/settings so having iTerm overwrite it (or be overwritten) seems useless, to me.

Visual Bell is supported, this is a terminal profile setting (like the scrollback buffer.)

The search related stuff I can not really say much about as I do use searching however it is not to the extent described. If the functionality is provided in the APIs used for and are standard OS type features/call/etc then they may function the same way as the standard OS X features/commands/etc work generally as expected (Cmd+f, Cmd+e, Cmd+x, Cmd+v, Cmd+c, etc)

I am Unix/Linux Administrator (primarily Solaris and Linux however AIX, HP-UX and various Intel Unixes have been in my terminal sessions) and live in the command line, I started using OS X in 2005 and have used iTerm since then as the did not have niceties like transparency and tabs (even though I am a heavy screen user.) I realize with the updates in Snow Leopard that has improved greatly and a lot of those features are now in place, however I have found iTerm to still be a better choice overall and I have come to like Bonjour for my home network and Growl support is awesome as well.

I have not tried iTerm2 as I only just found out about it today, so my experiences are exclusively with the first iTerm.

Cheers, Dennis

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