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Be wary of Security Update 2010-005
Authored by: robleach on Sep 16, '10 11:48:01AM

Actually, I did check the DNS entries, though I neglected to mention it. In fact, I went through each and every nook and cranny of the network preference pane and perfectly duplicated the settings on another computer I had which did have internet access. I even ran ipfw on the command line to make sure I hadn't manipulated my firewall recently. Nor did I have any proxy settings. I'm no noob when it comes to this stuff. I have a pretty sophisticated wireless network at home using WDS and I have various servers, such as web and mail servers.

And regarding not installing a particular security patch, the next security patch will install all uninstalled security patches. I asked about that at the apple store and that's what they told me. They roll up everything you're missing and install it when subsequent patches roll out so that you don't have to perform install after install all through the history of patches. So if you skip one, it eventually gets installed anyway in the next security patch. (Hopefully by that time, the issue will be discovered and resolved.)

I'll admit though that I did not find the precise cause of the issue other than the update, so that's a legitimate complaint, but if no one ever posts this sort of thing, then no one's going to be able to find a workable solution to their problems. I had posted in forums and googled for 2 whole days before submitting the hint and got no workable solutions. Perhaps by making this post/hint, someone will figure out the precise problem.


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Be wary of Security Update 2010-005
Authored by: Andrew J Freyer on Sep 16, '10 12:02:16PM

That is the kind of extra information that makes hints like this helpful - providing ALL the steps you took so that users who are having similar issues can try all of the possible solutions. Their issue may not be identical to yours.

Skipping troubleshooting steps dilutes the benefit of writing the hint in the first place. I think it is even more ambiguous now that @crarko has edited the title.

The value of this site is that it is not a user support forum. Nearly every problem on a Mac can be solved with an OS reinstall, or an update package. This is old hat and completely not unique to the issue you were having. As another commenter mentioned, correlation does not imply causation. I would prefer this site to stick with "cause & solution" as opposed to "correlated event & general solution" hints.

I do not question your Mac expertise - in fact it sounds like you've done exactly what I would have (after your response). I think, however, that it was sufficient to have this post stay on the Apple support forum. No need to duplicate here.

Easier location-based computing: with Airport Location, app for 10.6. It's an early Beta, so please report bugs!

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Be wary of Security Update 2010-005
Authored by: robleach on Sep 16, '10 12:20:22PM

Well, you've got valid points. I actually wondered whether or not my "hint" would get accepted due to the fact that I couldn't find the exact cause and the solution was rather heavy-handed. I wouldn't have begrudged it if it hadn't gotten posted, but at the same time, I wanted to help anyone else that happened to find themselves in my situation. This is the first time I'd even had to go to the apple store to resolve a software issue. Every other visit has been due to hardware issues. But I was at a dead end and I don't think I'd have thought of a combo-update. I'd always been able to avoid coming to that before.

Personally, I think the backlash from the hint is an over-reaction and I think that responses like some of those posted here can serve to prevent people from sending in hints if they think they're going to get reamed if it's not admin-quality, regardless of whether the complaint is directed at the site admin or the submitter themselves. The whole thing is probably karmic given my complaint about the domain name change a couple weeks ago, but the complainers are going to end up damaging the site more than anyone else could. I was just reading how to win friends and influence people last night and it says that you can only make people do or not do things by being positive, not negative.


Edited on Sep 16, '10 12:21:32PM by robleach

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