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just a few
Authored by: robleach on Sep 09, '10 03:25:52PM

Oh yeah, here's another feature: multiple selections of text. I can hold the command key down and select as many snippets of text as I want and then copy and paste the group of individually selected items (which will paste with hard-returns in between). There are so many ease-of-use features that make my work go faster. is a time-saver. Here's a synopsis. Note, you'll have to let me know if iTerm can do any of these:

multi-line search strings & correct searching of line-wrapped strings (and avoid search window with cmd-e)
copy/paste line-wrapped lines without inserted hard-returns
select and copy/paste multiple strings of text at once
box-selection of text
unlimited scrollback
window-titling (cmd-t)
option/center-click to position cursor
visual-bell (another one I forgot to mention)

The only feature iTerm seems to have that doesn't have that I would like to have is the ability to customize word-characters so that double-clicking a word doesn't pass through a colon as it currently does in Wait, is that what iTerm does or does that only affect esc-delete and other key-board tricks? Cmd-click on URLs would be nice too.


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just a few
Authored by: tedw on Sep 09, '10 04:19:00PM

My problem with is that it just has some annoying traits. AppleScript support is shoddy at best, it doesn't seem to remember profiles when you open new tabs or windows... iTerm may not add anything significant over what terminal does, but iTerm does seem to handle the niceties a bit better.

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just a few
Authored by: sinned72 on May 02, '11 10:28:58AM

From my experiences and information in the help:

copy/paste of wrapped lines without hard returns works (in my experience - although that may depend on application, maybe)

unlimited scrollback (use -1 instead of a number but a warning of slowness is listed in the help regarding this - which makes sense and honestly I would never use unlimited scrollback as I have crashed an ssh bounce server with my sessions (screen and unlimited scrollback can lead to a very large amount of CPU and memory if you are not careful) )

Window Titling is not a real feature in my opinion as mine change depending on the tab or shell being executed, that is I set the window titles using xterm rules, termcaps and environment variables/settings so having iTerm overwrite it (or be overwritten) seems useless, to me.

Visual Bell is supported, this is a terminal profile setting (like the scrollback buffer.)

The search related stuff I can not really say much about as I do use searching however it is not to the extent described. If the functionality is provided in the APIs used for and are standard OS type features/call/etc then they may function the same way as the standard OS X features/commands/etc work generally as expected (Cmd+f, Cmd+e, Cmd+x, Cmd+v, Cmd+c, etc)

I am Unix/Linux Administrator (primarily Solaris and Linux however AIX, HP-UX and various Intel Unixes have been in my terminal sessions) and live in the command line, I started using OS X in 2005 and have used iTerm since then as the did not have niceties like transparency and tabs (even though I am a heavy screen user.) I realize with the updates in Snow Leopard that has improved greatly and a lot of those features are now in place, however I have found iTerm to still be a better choice overall and I have come to like Bonjour for my home network and Growl support is awesome as well.

I have not tried iTerm2 as I only just found out about it today, so my experiences are exclusively with the first iTerm.

Cheers, Dennis

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