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FQDN change to
Authored by: tedw on Aug 21, '10 09:38:51AM
Alright people, this was fun for a bit, but now it's starting to get annoying. We are talking about a domain name change, which is the computer equivalent of changing the drawer you put your pencils in. It doesn't change the site, it has nothing to do with Craig, and the world is not turning any slower or faster because it happened. Granting it would probably have been better if someone had set up a poll or posted a thread about the change before the change happened (so that people could have had a chance to gripe in advance), but that didn't happen. I'm sure that everyone has learned their lesson and will do better in the future.

If you're still stressed over this, please follow doctor's orders: take two aspirin and call me when you get a life. Can we get back to more interesting things, now?

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FQDN change to
Authored by: hamarkus on Aug 21, '10 12:54:56PM

Ok, would you continue to add to Wikipedia if they changed their URL to Or would you take that change as a sign that Google might have the intention to make changes to Wikipedia that go beyond a URL change? Like integrating the contents into some of its offerings?
Wouldn't this feel as if your volunteer work is an indirect endorsement of Google?

The problem is not the domain name change, the problem is what we have to assume motivated this domain name change.

Macosxhints was a strategic investment by Macworld. Apparently, macosxhints on its own does not generate enough money, and it is hoped for that partial merger would overall generate more income. At the moment, this partial merger is only about part of the name (the URL is part of the name), but it has been strongly alluded to that the software running the website might be the next step in this partial merger. Maybe it stops there but the main premise that a partial merger is hoped to generate overal more money than a totally separate product has clearly been made.

From this we can conclude three different things:
1) that an independent website either does not even cover its cost or
2) does not satisfy the profit margins expectations or
3) that a partially merged product is hoped to overall yield a better product by allowing more editorial work

I fail to see how conclusions one and two could be seen as good news. Conclusion three would be good news, the problem is that I just don't see how more editorial work would make the site better but maybe I am just not imaginative enough.

Edited on Aug 21, '10 12:58:18PM by hamarkus

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FQDN change to
Authored by: tedw on Aug 21, '10 01:16:48PM

I don't really care what the site is called. Well, ok, if they redomained it as I might get a little perturbed... And I don't really care who runs the site as long as (a) the site runs well, and (b) I don't get the sense I'm being used as slave labor. I don't much mind endorsing McWerld (or gŁgle if it came to that) - if they want to foot the bill for the site without expressly trying to make a profit off of me, I think that's fair enough.

And frankly (no offense to anyone) the software could use a decent overhaul. The forums are better structured than the hints section, and the hints section isn't that bad, but you can tell that the software is pushing its limits.

I'm content to wait and see. If this little change starts expanding into bigger changes, and those bigger changes start to annoy me, then I will go find another way to waste my time and that will be their loss. I'm pretty sure they're aware that this site would be nothing without the contributors, and so I'm pretty sure they will make appropriate efforts to keep contributors' good will. Either way, though, there's no sense fretting over what amounts to an accounting gambit.

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FQDN change to
Authored by: crarko on Aug 21, '10 01:27:32PM

Yeah, I think Geeklog's days are numbered. It would be nice to have something with a decent search, and where we could integrate the user database with the forum's, so people don't have to register twice any more.

I hope some people enjoy those things.

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