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Jeez, people! Take a Valium or something!
Authored by: leamanc on Aug 20, '10 08:28:43PM

The uproar over this is just ridiculous. Yes, I can see how folks might see it as a first step toward absorbing more of OS X Hints into Macworld, to the point where it is diluted and no longer the same.

But Macworld Editor Jason Snell has posted in this thread twice to explain that it is not the case, and I gotta believe him. Not because I know Jason personally or am a fan of his or anything like that, but he brought up some valid points and I encourage everyone to take a chill pill, come back and re-read his posts.

Don't forget that Macworld bought five years ago. If they were going to do to macosxhints what CNet did to MacFixIt, it would have happened a long time ago! As corporate parents go, Macworld has been very, very good to macosxhints. They have mostly left it alone, and let it continue more or less as a community-driven site, with only a few minor changes to monetize it.

He also makes some good points about keeping the site healthy going forward. Nobody is talking big changes yet, but let's face it--Geeklog was fine when this was just a hobby site ran by a dedicated volunteer who was learning OS X and Unix along with the rest of us Mac lifers. But it's not an incredibly robust platform, now is it? It's a real PITA to implement anything that is not in its available templates, requiring so much extra coding that you might as well build a custom site. I'm surprised the site has lasted as long as it has in this framework. I'm not bagging on the Geeklog folks, but it is what it is--it's meant for smaller, lower-traffic sites.

And I do believe we're going to have to get more iOS hints flowing through the site, and just generally branch out to where's Apple focus is at these days. Even two years ago, it seems that OS X took up the majority of Apple's development time, but now it's probably split 50/50 between iOS and OS X. This is a good thing. Remember what Steve Jobs said a couple years before he came back to Apple, when asked what he would do if he were running Apple. "I'd milk the Macintosh for all its worth, and then move on to the next big thing." Apple is in that phase now, and while Macs have held their own against the next big thing, the company has changed tremendously.

And give Craig a break for the low volume of Insanely Great hints since he's came on board. We're three years into the Leopard era (Snow Leopard's biggest change was extreme optimization of the Intel platform). There's just not a whole lot left to discover about this OS.

Jason and Craig, just know that despite all the rage, there's someone out there who is reading what you said on the matter and is taking it at face value. It makes a lot of sense to me, and I trust you are being honest about your future plans for the site, because I do believe if you were going to fold into Macworld proper, it would have happened years ago.

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Jeez, people! Take a Valium or something!
Authored by: mantrid on Aug 20, '10 09:44:09PM

Interesting take.

An iOS Hints site sounds good in principle, but I wonder how such a thing will be in actuality. Unless you jailbreak, the bulk of the accessible functionality is provided by apps. So is this going to be just another apps review site? The built-in functionality can probably be described in a couple of weeks worth of hints, and then what are you going to do until the next revision? In fact, that sort of thing would be better suited to a proper Macworld writeup.

The complexity of OS X, and the power it provides is what makes the hints on macosxhints so useful. We'll see what 10.7 brings, but if Jobs is moving on to the next great thing and Apple themselves are going to increasingly neglect OS X in favor of iOS, perhaps Macworld should go the other way and declare that macosxhints has fulfilled its mandate and wind it down.

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Jeez, people! Take a Valium or something!
Authored by: hamarkus on Aug 21, '10 06:15:41AM

Maybe my biggest concern is that I do not have the impression that anybody of the responsible persons has a clear idea where they want to take this.

I am simply unable to believe that a URL like '' can go along with the name 'Mac OS X Hints'. I cannot think of any example where this has been done before on a permanent basis.

I also fail to see what the difference between '' and '' is. Why would anybody, people seeking or giving advice, prefer one over the other? Why would Macworld want to maintain two separate forums?

If there is no benefit in maintaining a separate name and identity why maintain it?

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