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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: devorah1 on Aug 13, '10 12:27:00PM

I read this post and I am pretty sure that it holds the answer to my problem. However, I am having difficulty implementing the final step where you specify the location.
There fore, I am listing ALL the details of this problem in the hope that SOMEONE can help me....
Please pardon the length....

I am going to spell out ALL of the details and you will see how close I am...

a. I already have the Printer (a Brother HL-1440) INSTALLED on a WPS54GU2 Print Server.

This Print server is "cable connected" ( I am NOT taking advantage of the Wireless capabilities of this Print Serve)

to a WRT54G Wireless Router. I can ALREADY connect to this Printer from a Windows XP Laptop so I am pretty sure that this is all set up properly.

b. I have ALSO been able to connect my iMac to the WRT54G without any problem. So, the iMac is part of this network and I can access the Web utility for EITHER the Print Serve OR for the Wireless Router from the iMac.

c. I have the following information about the Print Serve.

Static IP Address: already assigned:

Device Name: LK87C729

In addition to TCP/IP, both AppleTalk and NetBEUI are checked off on the "Protocols" Tab

Gateway is set -- to the Router (

SSID for network is correctly set.

MAC address (or Print Serve is added to MAC Filer List.

The logical parallel port of the Printer (as shown in the Web-based Print Serve utility): Parallel1

AppleTalk Info (as shown on the Web-based Print Serve utility):

Printer Object Type: LaserWriter

Communications Protocol: Binary (NOT Ascii)

LK87C729: LaserWriter

LK87C729_P2: LaserWriter

In addition, when I go into Windows, I see that the Printer is assigned to a Port of LK87C729_P1

So, there are TWO Port values associated with this Printer -- the Windows one shown immediately above and the

"logical port" of parallel1 as shown on the Print Serve Utility

Now, this iMac is (as best as I can tell) an Intel-based iMac and when I go to Print & Fax, and then click "+"

to add a Printer, there is NO option for AppleTalk so I figure that I do not have to worry about that.

Instead, I follow the instructions as given in the Mac OS X Hints article and select the IP Printer icon.

I also select "Line Printer Daemon..."

I then select as follows (as described in the article):

Address Field: (the Static TCP/IP address).

Queue Field: L1

Name Field: L1

Select the BROTHER option from the pull-down and then HL-1440 -- C.U.P.S.

I click "Add"

Now in the pop-up window for this addtion, I continue (again as described in the article):

I get to the "Name and Location" window as described in the article AND THIS IS WHERE I GET STUCK.

For the first step... no problem.

1. I change the Name to the IP Address as specified (though I would have thought it more logical to change to the Device Name.

However, at the second step I get STUCK!!

2. The instructions for the location were as follows (and I quote them):

"Change Location to IP_[ip of WPS54G]P1 (replace WPS54G with the name of your Print Server -- you wrote it down)."

Now, given all of the information that I have specified above, I do NOT understand what is being requested.

a. I do not5 konw what meant by "[ip of WPS54G]"....

Is that supposed to be the "ip address"? or is it supposed to be the Device Name?

b. I do not understand the "P1" that follows... are the "square brackets" ([]) to be included or are they just to

"set off" the rest of the information... ?

If it is the device name that is meant, I see at least the following possibilities




Well, you get the idea. Also, am I supposed to specify the "Logical Port"? If so, where?

so, if anyone can just explain how to correctly specify the "Location" Information, then I might be able to FINALLY get this working.

I am really angry at Linksys since they would not answer this at all when I called.... claiming that it has to be treated as a "Support Incident".. and costing MORE dollars.....

any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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