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Properly sort 'Album by Year' in iTunes and devices
Authored by: davechevell on Apr 30, '10 06:43:49AM

Just because I'm bored, reincorporated the GUI (now displays time taken to run).. had to move a couple of things around but it still achieves the effect of the original script:

tell application "iTunes"
set startTime to (get current date)
set oldfi to fixed indexing
set fixed indexing to true
set cnt to 0
if selection is not {} then
set sel to selection
display dialog "Update Sort Album" & return & return & "Adds year to the beginning of the \"Sort Album\" tag. This helps iPods, iPhones and iPads sort Albums by Year." & return & return buttons {"Cancel", "Continue"} default button 1 giving up after 30

repeat with this_track in sel
if this_track's sort album does not contain this_track's artist & " - " & this_track's year then
set this_year to this_track's year as string
set this_artist to this_track's artist
if word 1 of this_artist is "a" or word 1 of this_artist is "the" then set this_artist to text ((offset of " " in this_artist) + 1) thru -1 of this_artist
set this_album to this_track's album
if word 1 of this_album is "a" or word 1 of this_album is "the" then set this_album to text ((offset of " " in this_album) + 1) thru -1 of this_album
set this_track's sort album to this_artist & " - " & this_year & " - " & this_album
set cnt to cnt + 1
end try
end if
end repeat

display dialog "Select some tracks first..." buttons {"Cancel"} default button 1 with icon 2 giving up after 30
end if
set fixed indexing to oldfi
set endTime to (get current date)
set process_duration to endTime - startTime
set mins to process_duration div minutes
set secs to process_duration mod minutes

display dialog "Done!" & return & return & (cnt & " track(s) updated.") & return & "Process took " & mins & " minutes and " & secs & " seconds." & return buttons {"Done"} default button 1 with icon 1 giving up after 15

end tell

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Properly sort 'Album by Year' in iTunes and devices
Authored by: Lrwebb on Apr 23, '12 10:07:18AM

I know this thread is a couple of years old but I just wanted to thank josh and Dave for making this script.

I've been looking for a script like this for ages and this does just the job I was looking for. Almost. In fact, I've set about making a couple of edits for it to fit my requirements more exactly.

One, I always set the sort artist tag to last name, first name so I want the artist in the sort album tag to reflect this. I am a scripting novice but I've just managed to get that one to work.

Two, I would like to check to see if this track is part of a compilation. If true, then set artist to Various Artists. Perhaps even preceed that with some char to force compilations to the bottom of the albums list.

Thanks again guys.

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Properly sort 'Album by Year' in iTunes and devices
Authored by: Calion on Aug 01, '13 02:28:42PM

So post your modified version then! We want to see what fixes you made.

I agree though, the script is excellent. Thanks to Dave for his modified script.

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