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Spaces is a huge timesaver
Authored by: schutt on Apr 16, '10 08:52:19AM

Using spaces is a huge timesaver when you need a lot of windows open. I recently had to use a computer without spaces for a while, and it felt so primitive. You don't realize how much time is wasted switching windows until after you've learned to use Spaces (and to a lesser extent, Expose), then it's hard to go back. Unfortunately, Spaces is still incredibly buggy and non-customizable. It hasn't caught up to the Linux virtual monitor program I used eight years ago.

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Spaces is a huge timesaver
Authored by: Mac Berry on Apr 16, '10 09:04:49AM

Can you give some examples of how you use Spaces please? I find Expose perfect for switching windows, so I'm not understanding how you use Spaces that makes it better?

I'd love to know, because I'm sure I under use Spaces at the moment.


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Spaces is a huge timesaver
Authored by: gidds on Apr 16, '10 12:35:23PM

Okay, here's my usage. (Everyone else's will vary :) I have six spaces (i.e. screens), and I often have windows open on all of 'em.

The first one is for Mail; I have the Inbox window, any emails I've yet to read or reply to or do something with (always a number of these); and any other windows I open while writing mail.

The second is my main web browsing window, with MacReporter and Safari. (At least one Safari window with some tabs, coz there are always a few pages I've not got around to reading; I may open another window with more tabs for specific purposes such as researching and buying products or specific web searches.)

Third is for iTunes. Along with the main iTunes window, I'll also have other windows open temporarily, such as Finder or Safari or MP3Trimmer when I'm adding new music.

Fourth is for TV, with the main EyeTV window, and also its viewer window (when not full-screen). I'll also open Safari etc. windows if I want to look up something related to what I'm watching.

The other two windows are used as and when, but it's rare for both to be empty. For example, when I'm working on some software, I'll have Eclipse or Script Editor or Terminal open for editing, plus Terminal and/or Finder windows for testing and that sort of thing. Or I may have several Safari windows if researching something, to keep them separate from my general browsing. Or I may be writing some music in Cubase or Lilypond, both of which need several windows. Or using Amadeus Pro to edit programmes recorded off the radio. Or, well, anything that's a concentrated task and needs most of the screen.

For example, I've just checked, and I currently have 26 windows open across 5 screens, with the other one empty.

Does that give you any ideas?


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Spaces is a huge timesaver
Authored by: schutt on Apr 17, '10 05:43:33AM

It depends on what you are doing. Spaces is best when you are using lots of windows and have sets of windows to switch between. If you are only using a few windows, Expose is convenient. One problem with Expose is that the windows don't always end up in the same location, so it takes a little while to find the correct window. With Spaces, I have windows grouped by task, so I can use it to see an entire set of windows at once. I also assign a number to each space, so I just hit control-number to switch directly to a space. So I'll have Safari or Chromium in one space, a writing program in another space (usually with several sections open in different windows), a spreadsheet or math program in another space, a bibliography editor (with lots of windows of notes in another, and Preview or Skim in another. Then, instead of looking through the list or grid to find the correct window, I can know that hitting ctrl-2 will give me Safari instantly. If I have several Safari windows open, I then use command-` or Expose to find the correct one. I know that ctrl-4 will take me back to whatever I was writing, without having to look through the list of earlier sections I have open for cross-reference. If I'm coding, I can have the docs open in one space, the code editors in another, and the output in another, and not end up with a huge pile of windows to sort through.

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