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Authored by: Jugad on Apr 06, '10 02:11:30AM

I think the original poster brought out some valid points and a few invalid ones as well... but some valid points were addressed by few replies in a lightly defensive way. Let the credit and criticism get their due...

o 3G limited to AT&T (AT&T has lousy coverage, & ZERO here)
- As already pointed out, the current one does not even have 3G. Its the one coming out soon, and that one is unlocked.

o display resolution requires significantly degrading 720p HD
- I would love to see the 720p natively supported in the upcoming versions. I am confident that they will up the resolution in the revision.

o No IR emitter (what a great media controller this would have been)
- Not really a critical product feature for an iPad like device. And Wifi with a third party app might do the job for you.

o No front facing camera, so no conference, video calls, etc
- I agree... a camera would have been great on the front. I gifted my parents the black macbook to video conf with them. Now if I gift them this, then the camera has to be separate - of course possible, but not the Apple way of doing things.

o No rear facing camera, so no multimedia creativity
- Not much of a concern, I dont think this is that kind of a device. A general camera is better for those purposes.

o No microphone, so ditto
- Incorrect observation.

o No CF/microSD/etc slot, so it won't expand to hold more media
- A valid shortcoming. This should change if we want to call it a full computer.

o No direct USB connection, so camera/drive connection is annoying
- Another shortcoming, but I think it will be fixed with a wire accessory.

o Uses cables to sync... wifi, duh
- Definitely a desired feature I expected Apple to implement. And please dont cry "security" - we give out our credit cards and more important info over wifi/internet all the time. If not for encryption, wire is as vulnerable as wireless.

o Uses cables to charge -- a charge pad would have been great
- If you mean a docking station with charging capability, its available for 29$ on the apple store.

o Bezel is simply too large; it makes it bigger to no advantage
- I wish they made the bezel a little smaller, but maybe it really is to avoid mistaken touches while holding with one hand.

o It's a little heavy. Just a little.
- This is the first product, so hang on for the improvements - the next one will fix many such little things. And just a little heavy is allright. Will help to fight off potential stealers. Bang them in the head with it.

o OS limited to no multitasking, I think that's a serious error
- This is a very subjective issue. Most of my friends with iPhones have never complained about this, in fact they have defended it, saying they really never felt the need for it, and it works where its supposed to (songs, downloads etc in the background - and they are all computer programmers). I personally would like to see multitasking, because I think its not a big deal to do it and there are a couple of cool apps which can make good use of it, without killing the battery.

o 512m of non-expandable memory (not storage) is tight for apps+data.
- 256M is the actual mem and this is going to be a problem, thats why I am waiting for the next version.

...but I expect we'll see most of this stuff in future models, as it becomes clear that competing products make good use of such features.
- You bet!

The thing is beautiful, easy to use, and the extra real estate (over the iPods) makes using apps a lot more pleasurable and gives us considerably more power.
- Thats why I love Apple products. They can do almost everything and they do everything Beautifully.


-- Rajan

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