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Doesn't work for me in Jaguar
Authored by: wealthychef on Sep 15, '02 07:50:01PM

I don't know if this is a Jaguar problem or not. I tried to follow the instructions faithfully. But when I try to log in as "anonymous" I get the following error:
ftp> user anonymous
331 Guest login ok, type your name as password.
550 Can't set guest privileges.
Login failed.

I think maybe I screwed up my password field in Netinfo or something. I tried
su ftp
but cannot get that to work unless I am root. So I su'd to root, then su'd to ftp, and then tried:
chroot /Users/ftp
and got:
ftp% chroot /Users/ftp
chroot: /Users/ftp: Operation not permitted
I've tried recursive chowns to make the directory owned by ftp and by myself and that doesn't help. Netinfo seems set up right, except one point. I had to create an ftp group and gave it an ID of -21, hope that's ok. Seemed the right thing to do. Added the ftp user to the ftp group.
What could I be doing wrong?
Thanks. Here's my current setup.
[12-232-110-43:~] ftp% ls -ld /Users/ftp
drwsr-xr-x 7 ftp ftp 238 Sep 15 16:27 /Users/ftp
[12-232-110-43:~] ftp% ls -l
total 0
drwxr-xr-x 3 ftp ftp 102 Sep 15 14:13 System
drwsr-xr-x 4 ftp ftp 136 Sep 15 16:26 bin
drwxr-xr-x 2 ftp ftp 68 Sep 15 16:27 incoming
drwsr-xr-x 3 ftp ftp 102 Sep 15 13:58 pub
drwsr-xr-x 3 ftp ftp 102 Sep 15 14:12 usr

I su'd to the ftp user and found that

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Doesn't work for me in Jaguar
Authored by: evands on Sep 16, '02 02:32:09AM

Had the same experience - I don't think you've messed up your configuration. Something else has to be the matter, something about a default Jaguar install.

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Doesn't work for me in Jaguar
Authored by: leebennett on Sep 20, '02 09:41:09PM

add another report of this not working under Jaguar. 'sigh'

i'll be keepin' watch if someone finds a fix.

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Doesn't work for me in Jaguar
Authored by: kerrazyjoe on Sep 22, '02 02:27:41AM

Same old Same old
I am convinced this is a bug and no magical config....

This site explains the bug
and how to fix through recompiling ftpd.

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Doesn't work for me in Jaguar
Authored by: blgrace on Feb 28, '03 07:00:10AM

I got it to work by swapping the screwed ftpd file - however - EVERY file I upload to the incoming (drop box) is corrupt ??????
Anyone else having this issue.
All my privs and directories are spot on - can access it from work as an anonymous user - but the files I upload just get scrambled or truncated by a few k, resulting in a -5000 error when trying to uncompress. Even .jpg files just don't work ???

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Doesn't work for me in Jaguar
Authored by: blgrace on Feb 28, '03 10:07:47PM

Never mind -
I found my answer.... it's called " Pure-Ftp" - works a treat and easier to configure either as standalone or xinetd.

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Now it's working
Authored by: proxenett on Oct 27, '02 12:47:38AM

I found the solution on this page:

It's in french and it's working really good

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Now it's working
Authored by: leebennett on Nov 24, '02 04:10:23PM

can someone provide an english version of this? yes, i tried reading it in babelfish translation and i'm getting the gist of it, but i think it's stumbling on a few of the technical parts.

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You don't actually need to speak's the fix
Authored by: chincotaco on May 26, '03 02:32:26PM
That French website offers a method of setting up the directory structure, same as the OP here. The reason the French solution works under Jaguar but not this is because it has you download an old version of the ftpd and use it to replace the Jaguar version.

1) Download the file from their server

2) After it's unstuffed, go back into your terminal. Do

% sudo mv /usr/libexec/ftpd /usr/libexec/ftpd.old
(this will make a backup of your old ftp daemon, which probably isn't a bad idea. If you do screw up, you can just use the mv command to rename the ftpd.old to ftpd and you'll be back to the initial setup). Enter your password if prompted.

3) Move the new file to that directory. Type

% sudo mv
with a trailing space. Then drag the expanded file onto the Terminal. This will copy the path to that file. Type a space on that same line, then type
Hit return.

4) Now you need to restart the FTP server to make it use the new server program. Go to System Preferences:Sharing, and uncheck the "FTP Access" box. Once it's shut down (you'll see feedback on the right side of the pane), recheck it.

Worked for me, hope it works for you.

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Doesn't work for me in Jaguar
Authored by: uhammer on Mar 14, '03 05:38:42PM

After much searching I found an article that goes into detail about ftpd being broken in OS X.2 for anonymous ftp (server). So, I started searching around and found and downloaded, compiled and installed it. Worked like a champ. Pure-ftpd touts itself as a fast, secure ftpd. Anyway, I then went into /etc/xinetd.conf/ftp and modified the pointer from the standard ftpd to the new pure-ftpd and changed the server arguments to better line up with pure-ftpd. It all worked perfectly. So, now when I enable or disalbe ftp through the System Preferences panel it is pure-ftpd that starts or stops.

If you want more info drop me a line at

Jim Richardson

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Doesn't work for me in Jaguar
Authored by: wealthychef on Apr 26, '03 05:02:27PM

This worked great for me! Thanks.
The long and the short of it seems to be:
1) create a user and group named ftp using netinfo Manager
2) create the appropriate directories in /Users/ftp
3) get pure-ftpd
rock on!

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