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non dhcp?
Authored by: seven5 on Sep 15, '02 07:36:17PM

This is what i have been trying to do too. I am useing an iBook, and airport, and i am trying to get my xbox downstairs to be online using this method. I have the xbox hooked to a hub, and then the ibook hooked to the hub. The xbox doesn't have settings for dhcp though, so i have to set it up manually, and what was confusing me is: is this is an Internal-Internal network? or do i have the same ip settings as the ibook, but a new ip? i can't get it to work so far. thanks......

do i plug this into the uplink or a normal port on the hub?

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RE: non dhcp? and port mapping.
Authored by: skippingrock on Sep 17, '02 03:36:25PM

I am not to sure on the specifics of hooking up an XBox as I don't have one and I don't know anyone who has one.

I would assume that if the XBox would be able to be used on the Internet that it would have the ability of doing DHCP. I tried doing a search on Google for XBox and DHCP, but since I don't have a console, I really couldn't verify.

But as for you question about the hub. You would want to connect your iBook that is being the Ethernet Basestation to the uplink port of the hub.

Basically your iBook would be giving your XBox or whatever was connected to it a dynamic IP and your iBook would be getting a dynamic IP from the Wireless Basestation (unless you set it up for a static IP.)

I guess the trick that you would have to do is find out what ports that your console box uses an somehow create a path for the network to follow coming in by setting the network ports.

I don't know how to set port mappings with the software based DHCP servers on our Macs. I will try and find out and post it as a separate tip.

Cheers, Skipping Rock.

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non dhcp?
Authored by: tidrion on Oct 17, '02 11:39:36AM

You do not want to put the ibooks connection into the uplink, place it in a regular slot in the HUB. The manual settings when using Internet sharing for a computer on it is

ip: 192.168.2.(2-255)

Don't forget some ISP's require DNS to be entered in all computers an your LAN.

Port Mapping is going to be an adventure....

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