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Authored by: Cartoonasaurus on Jan 28, '10 12:51:27PM

I will be buying one. I own an iMac, Macbook Pro 13 inch and an iPhone. Wifi only for me is perfect. A large-screen and powerful iPhone with NO $100 a month commitment? HALLELUJAH!

Thank you Steve Jobs for thinking of all the vast number of folks worldwide who will NEVER be power users and just want their media delivered conveniently and simply. And what about the power users? Hey, there's plenty to choose in 140,000 apps and always more to come, not to mention those folks already have a capable computer anyway. It's not for everyone and it can't do everything which is why the OS is limited and super-simple, perfect for the non tech-savvy folks. It won't replace my Macbook Pro with Photoshop and Dreamweaver and about 200 apps I've accumulated over the last decade - why would it? But will it be more comfortable on my couch in front of my TV? Of course. Will it be perfect for my mom who will really only surfs and emails and never got the hang of downloading and installing files and apps? Definitely!

Remember the last gigantic change in media delivery? The iPod. At first, it was useable only with a Macintosh and sold very well to that audience. It was an immediate "hit" in that community but the PC world ignored it until their platform was supported and then it took off like gangbusters. In those days, the Macintosh was 2-3 percent of the USA - now, Macintosh is more like 10%, so the 'halo' effect will be much more pronounced from the iPad. Also, PC folks have no problem using the iPhone, they'll have no problem using the iPad which is very similar (same OS but more capable hardware = a bunch of new OS abilities).

Ipods are ubiquitous but mostly invisible, however the iPad will be ubiquitous and VISIBLE and it's as thin and wall-mountable as can be AND can hook up with huge monitors... I predict an infinite stream of iPads on walls of infinite homes and businesses - now the internet streams through a window full of video, photos, movies, tv shows and music. Surprise! The future is NOW and only one device delivers it all, seamlessly: the iPad.

I saw the future when I bought the first iPod. It was obvious to me and so many others. Pundits and analysts? They didn't get it at all and as a group, they dismissed the iPod, the iPhone and now the iPad - talk about slow learners! LOL

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Authored by: Daij on Jan 29, '10 07:13:19PM

>now the internet streams through a window full of video, photos, movies, tv shows and music. Surprise! The future is NOW and only one device delivers it all, seamlessly: the iPad.

Except that it doesn't.

I really don't know what Apple's beef with Adobe is. Yes, Flash is bloated and processor hungry and eats up batteries etc etc, but it is also ubiquitous. People who post on a tech-savvy forum may have some very good reasons for not liking it, but the other 100 million target customers out there have probably never even heard of it. All they will know is that when they look at a web page on their netbook it has lots of things going on that don't show on their iPad. So the iPad must be broken, or flakey, or...

I really don't see how Apple can claim that this is the ultimate internet experience if they don't support a technology that is everywhere in cyberland, standards compliant or not. Sure, give a preference to disable it for power users, and watch it phase out as HTML5 or even Silverlight begin to rule the world, but it really should be supported.

That said, my use would be as field storage and reviewing for photographs. Except, please, someone buy Steve camera with a different storage medium. Why only one adapter for SD type cards? I can't get pictures out of my camera into the iPad without a separate reader plugged into the USB/Dock adapter (assuming that works) via a full size USB connecter to mini connector. Or via a laptop.

Maybe by release time there will be additional toys in the box, but as advertised today I am a "No."

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