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Easily share Cycorder videos off jailbroken iPhones
Authored by: justanice on Dec 19, '09 01:00:13PM

i couldn't get it to work either, so after piecing together everyone's advice, i got it to work perfectly... thanks for all the help, i never would have figured this out myself!

i can take videos and email them to my friends... and they can watch them on their iPhones or computers...
I'll post the long winded directions here and in the forum.
best of luck! it works great!

simplest way: wait for cycorder to support email. :)

longer way: here's what to do: Main Part: It's actually pretty easy if you follow Note 2 so you don't have to type on the little iPhone screen.

1. Use Cydia to install Cycorder.
2. Go to the Apple App Store and install Air Sharing AND CREATE A "Videos" FOLDER in Air Sharing.
3. Use Cydia to install Mobile Terminal.
4. Open the Mobile Terminal app and type "cd /private/var/mobile/Applications/".
5. Type "ls -la" to take a look at the installed applications. If you've only installed Air Sharing, it will be the first folder in the list. If it's not, check the other folders and when you find it, make a note of the long folder name (mine was F472628F-407V-4G36-95E1-A831C2184686). If you can't find it, FOLLOW Note 2 NOW.
6. Type "cd ../Media" to go up one folder level and into the Cycorder storage area.
7. Type "mv Videos Videos.bak" to move the default video store out of the way.
8. Type "ln -s "../Applications/Air_Sharing_folder/Documents/Air Sharing/Videos" ./Videos to create a symbolic link to the Video folder of Air Sharing for your videos. Replace Air_Sharing_folder with the name of the folder that you noted earlier.
9. Now when you record a video, you can use Air Sharing to manage and email it to anyone.

Note 1: If Cycorder fails to open (starts to, then closes), most likely your link is incorrectly typed in or you forgot to create a "Videos" folder in Air Sharing.
Note 2: If you have tons of apps, finding Air Sharing can be a pain. Better method:

1. Go into your router wifi settings and find "802.11e QoS" (or something similar). Make sure it is OFF! Or else it will take minutes at a time to open each folder. Seriously, if the following steps time out or take forever, it's because QoS is on.
2. On your jailbroken iPhone, update Cydia and install OpenSSH through it. You may need to reboot your iPhone by holding down the power button after installing OpenSSH to start the SSH Daemon.
3. In Ubuntu, select Places>Connect to Server. In the dropdown box labeled "Service type," select "SSH". In the "Server" field, input your iPhone's ip address (you better know it by now). Finally, under username, enter "mobile". Leave other fields blank. Click connect.
4. The file browser should open (as long as your phone is on the wifi, even if it's locked) and you should see "sftp://mobile@iphone ip address/" in the location bar and a whole lot of folders.
5. Navigate to "/private/var/mobile/Applications/".
6. Now you should see a whole lot of folders with long names (ex. F472628F-407V-4G36-95E1-A831C2184686). Click search and type in "Air" (Capital "A", lowercase "i" and "r", this matters). Wait a while for it to search (depending on how many apps you have, I'm in triple digits so it takes almost five minutes).
7. Click on the "Air Sharing" folder (NOT the "AirSharing" folder).
8. The location bar should now show something similar to this: "sftp://mobile@iPhone ip address/private/var/mobile/Applications/F472628F-407V-4G36-95E1-A831C2184686/Documents/Air%20Sharing"
9. You should see whatever folders are in your main Air Sharing directory ("Samples" and "Videos" are in mine).
10. If you don't at least see "Videos", right click and create the folder "Videos" now.
11. Copy the long folder name (ex. "sftp://mobile@iPhone ip address/private/var/mobile/Applications/F472628F-407V-4G36-95E1-A831C2184686/Documents/Air%20Sharing" to a note or a text file to save you from having to type it.
12. At this time, you can explore to "sftp://mobile@iPhone ip address/private/var/mobile/Media" and copy, cut, or paste any videos you had in "Videos" or "Videos.bak" over to the Air Sharing "Videos" folder.
13. Now that the Air Sharing "Videos" folder is set up and you know the long folder name, in Ubuntu, go to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal.
14. In Terminal, type "ssh root@iPhone ip address". It should prompt you for your password. Now return to step 4 in the Main Part above. Only difference being that now you can type and copy/paste from your computer, instead of on the tiny iPhone screen.

Note 3: If you couldn't figure out that "iPhone ip address" meant substituting the actual ip address (example:, you probably shouldn't be trying this.

If you want to undo the relinking in the Main Part Steps 7 and 8 above, try typing this into mobile terminal (or you could just do it through the Note 2 interface):
"cd /private/var/mobile/Media/"
"unlink Videos"
"cp -r Videos.bak Videos"


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