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Export iPhoto events into appropriate directory structure
Authored by: ricelid on Aug 26, '09 08:44:28AM

This ALMOST did exactly what I want, but now my photos have non-meaningful file names. Is there a way to process the files and rename them to have the title from the iphoto metadata


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Export iPhoto events into appropriate directory structure
Authored by: dchilders on Dec 29, '09 11:12:00AM
This has really bugged me for a while and I really don't like the solution where all my files get renamed. I've written a python script that so far is doing what I want it. I'm parsing the AlbumData.xml file and walking through the list of all of the events/rolls. The roll lists all the imageId's that belong to it. From there I can get the original and modified image path. Then I look for a corresponding file in my target directory and compare the timestamps to see if I need to recopy the file (incase I've made changes to it in iPhoto). Anyway, I've just started using it and it appears to be working ok.

I'm running:

  • Snow Leopard 10.6.2
  • python 2.6.1
  • iPhoto 8.1.1
You'll want to update the following lines to be correct on your system:
albumDataXml="/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Pictures/iPhoto Library/AlbumData.xml"

Here's the script:

from xml.dom.minidom import parse, parseString, Node
import os, time, stat, shutil, sys

def findChildElementsByName(parent, name):
    result = []
    for child in parent.childNodes:
        if child.nodeName == name:
    return result

def getElementText(element):
    if element is None: return None
    if len(element.childNodes) == 0: return None
    else: return element.childNodes[0].nodeValue

def getValueElementForKey(parent, keyName):
    for key in findChildElementsByName(parent, "key"):
        if getElementText(key) == keyName:
            sib = key.nextSibling
            while(sib is not None and sib.nodeType != Node.ELEMENT_NODE):
                sib = sib.nextSibling
            return sib

albumDataXml="/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Pictures/iPhoto Library/AlbumData.xml"
copyImg=True #set to false to run with out copying files or creating directories

print "Parsing AlbumData.xml"
albumDataDom = parse(albumDataXml)
topElement = albumDataDom.documentElement
topMostDict = topElement.getElementsByTagName('dict')[0]
listOfRollsArray = getValueElementForKey(topMostDict, "List of Rolls")
masterImageListDict = getValueElementForKey(topMostDict, "Master Image List")

#walk through all the rolls (events)
for rollDict in findChildElementsByName(listOfRollsArray, 'dict'):
    rollName = getElementText(getValueElementForKey(rollDict, "RollName"))
    print "\n\nProcessing Roll: %s" % (rollName)

    #walk through all the images in this roll/event
    imageIdArray = getValueElementForKey(rollDict, "KeyList")
    for imageIdElement in findChildElementsByName(imageIdArray, 'string'):
        imageId = getElementText(imageIdElement)
        imageDict = getValueElementForKey(masterImageListDict, imageId)
        modifiedFilePath = getElementText(getValueElementForKey(imageDict, "ImagePath"))
        originalFilePath = getElementText(getValueElementForKey(imageDict, "OriginalPath"))

        sourceImageFilePath = modifiedFilePath

        modifiedStat = os.stat(sourceImageFilePath)
        basename = os.path.basename(sourceImageFilePath)
        year = str(time.gmtime(modifiedStat[stat.ST_CTIME])[0])
        targetFileDir = targetDir + "/" + year + "/" + rollName

        if not os.path.exists(targetFileDir):
            print "Directory did not exist - Creating: %s" % targetFileDir
            if copyImg:

        targetFilePath = targetFileDir + "/" + basename
        iPhotoFileIsNewer = False

        if os.path.exists(targetFilePath):
            targetStat = os.stat(targetFilePath)

            #print "modified: %d %d" % (modifiedStat[stat.ST_MTIME], modifiedStat[stat.ST_SIZE])
            #print "target  : %d %d" % (targetStat[stat.ST_MTIME], targetStat[stat.ST_SIZE])

            #why oh why is modified time not getting copied over exactly the same?
            if abs(targetStat[stat.ST_MTIME] - modifiedStat[stat.ST_MTIME]) > 10 or targetStat[stat.ST_SIZE] != modifiedStat[stat.ST_SIZE]:
                iPhotoFileIsNewer = True
            iPhotoFileIsNewer = True

        if iPhotoFileIsNewer:
            msg = "copy from:%s to:%s" % (sourceImageFilePath, targetFilePath)
            if copyImg:
                print msg
                shutil.copy2(sourceImageFilePath, targetFilePath)
                print "test - %s" % (msg)


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