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More Tips For: Share any files between users on the same Mac
Authored by: gerritdewitt on Jun 04, '09 12:20:54PM
Very good post and well-written for those new to assigning permissions with chmod.

Here are a few more tips and suggestions related to your post:

Copying and Moving
Now you are ready to copy .... anything .... into the shared folder. IMPORTANT: You must copy .... and not merely move...

See my answer to an Apple Discussions posting for more detail about how permissions are set on copied items and why they don't change for moved ones: here. Moving an item won't change its permissions at all. Everything – POSIX owner, POSIX group, POSIX permission bits, explicit ACL entries, and inherited ACL entries – is preserved. This is because the item you're moving isn't really changing; it's not a copy.

Step 5 - Adding the ACL Entry

Again, this is a very good example, but the command you've provided is best executed on an empty folder, because it will only set the ACL for that folder. The syntax chmod +a PATH only applies the new entry to the folder or file in question. Since the applied entry also contains the file_inherit and directory_inherit controls, it will be copied onto new items that arrive within the parent. New items includes newly-created files and folders or items that you copy there. Hence, the ACL entry set on the parent (Shared) will be inherited to new or copied items only.

But what if your parent folder (Shared) already has items in it that you want to make available to others? Or, what if you just want to move your iTunes Library there without actually having to duplicate it? You can do this, but you have to move it there then apply chmod with an extra option: -R. The -R flag means "recursive," and it tells chmod to apply the same ACL to the parent and any existing (e.g. already-moved) items. Pretty neat. Here's the syntax for reference:

chmod -R +a "group:friday allow file_inherit,directory_inherit,readattr,readextattr,readsecurity,
add_subdirectory" /Users/Shared

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More Tips For: Share any files between users on the same Mac
Authored by: bcometa on Jun 08, '09 11:11:38AM

thanks for the explanation!

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Not working for AD groups with spaces - chomod: unable to translate to a UID/GID
Authored by: mdwoernhard on Jun 16, '09 02:34:57AM
I tried this on Leopard 10.5.7 bound to AD (but not OD, no magic triangle) for the AD-group "Domain Users", but both command line and Sandbox application fail with error message:

chmod: Unable to translate 'INTRANET\domain' to a UID/GID

Looks like the space is the problem, and neither quoting or escaping did help (group:'INTRANET\domain users' ... "group:INTRANET\\domain\ users"). Since Sandbox neither handles this correctly, I am wondering if this is a parsing bug in chmod?

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