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Set browser window size and position via URL parameters
Authored by: ljharb on Apr 22, '09 09:58:50AM

As a web designer and a computer user, this hint makes me cry.

1) You NEVER force environment changes on a user.
2) You design for ALL possible resolutions - if you need a specific resolution you are not meant to be a designer.
3) You didn't even use named URL parameters, so it's highly likely that an Ad network's parameter, or an actual useful script parameter, will get used for resizing, and that's bad.

This hint should be removed as quickly as a hint that says "You should put blinking text all over your webpage!"

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Set browser window size and position via URL parameters
Authored by: palahala on Apr 22, '09 11:12:23AM

Alternatively, we could all actually READ the hint, and understand that it is ONLY about a user instructing his/her own browser to load a page of his/her choice using some specific dimensions and location. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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Set browser window size and position via URL parameters
Authored by: Neville Hillyer on Apr 22, '09 03:48:56PM

I could not have put it better myself - thanks.

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Set browser window size and position via URL parameters
Authored by: gidds on Apr 22, '09 12:10:48PM

If only more designers felt as you do!

I heartily, heartily agree with you, but I couldn't tell you how many sites just refuse point-blank to work with my preferred window size and font. I don't think either are exceptional -- about 800 pixels wide, and Optima 16.5-point -- but most sites want to be wider so they can fit in all the sidebars and adverts and sponsor's messages and stupid links and inane widgets and promos and Amazon links and syndicated content...

I can understand all that on a site's front page, but to squeeze all that into every single page on a site? Does *anyone* come back for more?

I've managed to hide the worst of it in some sites, by defining by own CSS stylesheet. (AdBlock does some of that, of course, but I use both Firefox and Safari both at home (OS X) and work (Windows), so I prefer a solution that works on all four.) But it takes time, and it's only worth doing for sites with good content; the rest I just don't visit.

We need to shout from the rooftops that THE WEB IS NOT AN ADVERTISING BROCHURE!!! HTML is about content, not appearance! It's *designed* to be shown in different ways, on different machines and displays, using different fonts and layouts and technology. You shouldn't even assume the user has a mouse -- and yet so many sites make ludicrous assumptions about exactly how many pixels high a block of text will appear...

If I want to watch a movie, I'll go to a cinema. If I want to read a brochure, I'll pick one up. If I've come to your web site, then it's probably because I want to find something in particular, so it's in your interest to let me find it! Get rid of all the extraneous crap, all the intros and animations and forced layout and unnecessary clicks, get out of my way and let me use your site. Or there are plenty of other sites I could visit.

[fx: calms down a bit]

Sorry about the rant. It's just something I feel strongly about (can you tell?). Normal transmissions will be resumed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here's some music.


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