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Avoid Western Digital external drives' built-in spin down
Authored by: Andreas. on Mar 18, '09 09:45:25AM
For more info about WD and their drives...

Western Digital drives   !   AVOID   !


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No, don't avoid them!
Authored by: fmaxwell on Mar 18, '09 01:00:12PM

WD currently makes the best disk drives available. I will be happy to trade my 1TB Seagate 7200.11 for a WD Caviar Black 1TB -- and I'll pay the postage.

My WD My Book Studio is a fantastic drive for Time Machine backups, which is how I use it. That it spins down is a great thing. It keeps noise and heat down and saves wear and tear on the drive.

If you want a bootable backup, then get a bare WD Caviar Black SATA drive, put it into a drive sled, and slide it into position 2, 3, or 4.

If you don't have a Mac Pro, I don't care, because apparently we are supposed to make blanket recommendations to buy/avoid products without considering that someone else might have totally different needs than ours. ;)

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Don't avoid here either
Authored by: dan55304 on Mar 19, '09 07:11:34AM

I've tried all the removable drives. The only ones still running flawlessly after a year are WD. They are now the only drives I buy.

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Don't avoid here either
Authored by: fmaxwell on Mar 19, '09 10:00:31AM

WD currently makes the best bare hard drives, too. I'd probably put Samsung next. Seagate I'd put dead-last. They seem to have decided that price is the most important consideration, so I'd rather pay an extra $30 and get the reliability and speed of a WD drive.

I have a Mac Pro that came with a 1 TB Seagate 7200.11 series drive already installed. The reliability on those drives is so bad that I bought a WD Caviar Black 1TB drive. The Seagate is now my screwing-around-on drive, with multiple custom-configured copies of OS X and Windows (e.g., for things like diagnostics, drive copying, "rescue" in case my primary drive gets filesystem damage, etc.). An added bonus is that the WD is faster.

I realize that I was kind of harsh to the other poster, but I'd really rather see some more nuanced discussions rather than Chicken Little sky-is-falling stuff. Okay, maybe the WD won't work well for him in his very specialized intended use as a Mac boot drive, but that's no reason for alarmist postings telling everyone that they should avoid WD drives.

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Avoid Western Digital external drives' built-in spin down
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 19, '09 11:39:43AM

Andreas, could you please be more accurate, rather than just hurling out a big tabloid-style horror story?

The thread you wrote on Bombich's forum clearly states (in big letters and pretty colours) that the advice only applies to their external drive units. You don't say why, but link to another thread that explains that WD "MyBook" drives have a logic board assigned to SCSI LUN 0, whereas Macs always (?) expect the drive to be at LUN 0. This apparently prevents Macs from booting from those drives.

But thanks for the advice -- I'll make sure I put a label on my cheap "MyBook" drive so that I don't go using it as a bootable backup. It won't -- fortunately -- be in several colours and font sizes.

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Avoid Western Digital external drives' built-in spin down
Authored by: Unsoluble on Mar 23, '09 09:41:53AM

I won't speak for others or make generalizations, but my original 500GB MyBook Pro failed after about a year (losing all data), and then the replacement they shipped under warranty failed about six months later (again, losing everything).

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