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Make the green button set a window to full screen size
Authored by: sredlums on Mar 13, '09 07:57:03AM

Can I say freekin' finally!? :-)

Ever since making the switch, I have had problems with the 'green-button-behaviour'.
At first i was just used to 'the Windows-way', and wanted that behaviour back.
After a long time I started getting used to not working full-screen (helped by the fact that I bought a larger display).
But though I understand the logic behind the way the green button works, I still dont fully agree. When I want to copy things from one window to another, I work with Exposť (with the hotcorner set up it is very easy) or with Command-Tab. Also, even though the screen should be set to the optimal screen size needed for the content at that moment, it just never sets it up to the size I want/need.
I will certainly try this out!

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Make the green button set a window to full screen size
Authored by: Alrescha on Mar 13, '09 09:21:40AM

It's funny how different people react. When I first encountered the green button in Safari so many years ago, my reaction was "oh wow, an intelligent zoom button!". I then checked and was disappointed that Safari was about the only application that had one.

(who thinks that the green button in Safari already does 'the right thing')

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Green button poll
Authored by: MJCube on Mar 13, '09 12:35:12PM
For me zooming to show all content is more often useful. (Before the Finder did that starting in System 7, I used to obsessively resize Finder windows by hand to fit the exact icon layout. Every pixel counted in 512x342.) But zooming to full screen is also needed sometimes. I think I recall Option-click on the zoom button doing that in some app in Classic MacOS. Now for Preview and music apps particularly I have macros to manually zoom to full screen with mouse drags.

I would like to see the behavior of the green button standardized to zoom full screen with Option-click. I think it's very hard for developers to predict when a user might find it useful.

Bizarrely, in Safari 4 beta, I find that Option-click on the green button currently zooms the window behind the one you click!

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Make the green button set a window to full screen size
Authored by: frgough on Mar 13, '09 01:18:33PM

You've been conditioned to work full screen because of the fact that Windows ties the menu to the application or document window. Which means you have to spread your window as wide as possible to get all your menu selections, usually with the result that you have gobs of wasted space on either side, or you're less efficient because your eye has to track large horizontal distances (there's a reason printed material is set in two or more columns above a certain page size).

I recommend you try resizing your windows to a width your eyes feel is comfortable and let your windows overlap. I think you'll find after a week or two, you'll find you can work longer with less eye strain, and also feel more "in control" of your environment because you'll have windows from other apps in the background, being picked up by your peripheral vision, thus giving you a sense of "location" regarding where you are in relation to your other programs.

Just some friendly advice from a Mac user who went to Windows because OS 7 sucked and a Quadra 660 with 8 MB of RAM was a joke running it, and who came back because the grape G3/400 iMac running OS 9 was wicked fast and wicked cool.

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Make the green button set a window to full screen size
Authored by: hamarkus on Mar 13, '09 05:04:44PM

While occasionally there are apps which don't the 'optimal' thing when pressing the zoom button (hardwired by me to ctrl-Z-cmd), I much prefer the Mac behaviour. A lot of apps benefit from full-screen (eg, library-based ones like Aperture), but crtl-Z-cmd, ahem zoom, already maximises those.
Maybe my preference is because I have such a good visual memory but a horrible one for non-visual things, I always need to keep my open windows visible, otherwise I forget about and loose track of them. And when I need to work in two applications in parallel I need to keep both windows visible, otherwise I forget what I just typed or read in other one.

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