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How to add alternate box charset to vt100-color
Authored by: carsten on Aug 28, '02 07:37:47PM

Some curses programs can draw nice boxes using an alternate character set, instead of using ascii characters like hyphens, pluses and pipes. (giFTcurs is one such program, it's available in the fink unstable tree at the time of this writing).

After a lot of research and trial and error I finally figured out how to enable the alt charset mode. Finally I copied these lines from the vt100 term info file (infocmp -L -1 vt100) and it works!

Add the following lines to the vt100-color.txt file before you run tic: acs_chars=``aaffggjjkkllmmnnooppqqrrssttuuvvwwxxyyzz{{||}}~~, ena_acs=E(BE)0, enter_alt_charset_mode=^N, enter_am_mode=E[?7h, enter_blink_mode=E[5m$, exit_alt_charset_mode=^O, exit_am_mode=E[?7l,

or replace all the contents of the vt100-color.txt file with these lines (there are also a few other keymapping lines added here found in vt100 which are not in the vt100-color.txt file supplied above): vt100-color|vt100-colour|VT100 with ANSI colour support, auto_right_margin, eat_newline_glitch, columns#80, init_tabs#8, lines#24, max_colors#8, max_pairs#64, virtual_terminal#3, acs_chars=``aaffggjjkkllmmnnooppqqrrssttuuvvwwxxyyzz{{||}}~~, bell=^G, carriage_return=^M, change_scroll_region=E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dr, clear_screen=E[;HE[2J, clr_eol=E[K$, clr_eos=E[J$, cursor_address=E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dH$, cursor_down=^J, cursor_home=E[H, cursor_left=^H, cursor_right=E[C$, cursor_up=E[A$, ena_acs=E(BE)0, enter_alt_charset_mode=^N, enter_am_mode=E[?7h, enter_blink_mode=E[5m$, enter_bold_mode=E[1m$, enter_reverse_mode=E[7m$, enter_standout_mode=E[7m$, enter_underline_mode=E[4m$, exit_alt_charset_mode=^O, exit_am_mode=E[?7l, exit_attribute_mode=E[m$, exit_standout_mode=E[m$, exit_underline_mode=E[m$, key_a1=EOq, key_a3=EOs, key_b2=EOr, key_backspace=^H, key_c1=EOp, key_c3=EOn, key_down=EOB, key_enter=EOM, key_f0=EOy, key_f1=EOP, key_f10=EOx, key_f2=EOQ, key_f3=EOR, key_f4=EOS, key_f5=EOt, key_f6=EOu, key_f7=EOv, key_f8=EOl, key_f9=EOw, key_left=EOD, key_right=EOC, key_up=EOA, keypad_local=E[?1lE>, keypad_xmit=E[?1hE=, newline=rED$, orig_pair=E[m, reset_2string=E>E[?3lE[?4lE[?5lE[?7hE[?8hE[;rE[0mE(BE)BE[2J, reset_file=/usr/share/tabset/vt100, restore_cursor=E8, save_cursor=E7, scroll_forward=ED$, scroll_reverse=EM$, set_a_background=E[4%p1%dm, set_a_foreground=E[3%p1%dm, set_background=E[4%p1%dm, set_foreground=E[3%p1%dm, tab=^I, references: (not for the queasy)

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