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It works!
Authored by: mschaff on Aug 20, '02 01:01:56PM

I got a free "PC-only" QuickCam Express from Verizon when I signed up for DSL. It was worthless until I tried this hint. While the mcam and VideoScript commandline drivers are still a little buggy (both beta), they do work pretty well.

Does anyone know if it is possible to grab shots from the camera when nobody is logged in (i.e. sitting at the OS X login screen)?

Also, I made a shell script to grab the current image and ran it as a cgi. It doesn't seem to update the image (although it does correctly generate the html) when accessed via a web page, but it does update the image if I run it on the command line...Any guesses why this doesn't work properly? Is it because Apache is running as "nobody"?

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It works!
Authored by: r2d2mac on Aug 20, '02 08:02:04PM
it probably is the nobody problem. check the rights of the folder in which you save the image
# ls -la /webcam/image/folder
If security is not an issue on that mac, and you want to make things easy, just make sure that it is read-writeable to all users...

# sudo chmod o+rw /webcam/image/folder
(make sure all the folders above have the 'x' bit on for others).

Also, if you currently launch the videoscript command line tool as a command (just the name), try launching it with the full path to it (e.g. /usr/bin/videoscript -f ....).

good luck

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It works! (eh, kinda)
Authored by: sgecko on Apr 04, '03 04:57:22PM
I've been trying out this hint, and have run across a couple of different results, neither of which is the one I want.

The first is if I'm at home, sitting at my machine and run the command line, I get an all black .jpg file with white text that says "USB Connection Error" on it. No picture at all. I had an IOX driver installed, and thought it was that conflicting with macam, so removed it (IOX) but still get the error. The camera (Logitech Pro 3000) works fine with macam's gui app. Though, I also get USB Connection Errors every once in awhile through that, as well (USB ports shot?).

When I try to run the script from a command line remotely (at work, for instance) I get the following error:

KCGErrorIllegalArgument : initCGDisplayState: cannot map display interlocks.
KCGEErrorIllegalArgument : CGSGetDisplayBounds (display 0)
Those are followed by a message that says the script compiled fine, and then it just hangs. I have to Ctrl-Z to suspend the process and then kill it.

I'm still hacking away at it, and will post any results I come up with. Just thought I'd share my experience.

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It works! (eh, kinda)
Authored by: osxpounder on May 23, '03 11:06:30AM

sgecko, did you ever find a solution to this? The same things happened to me, too, on two freshly set up 10.2.5 boxes. My main box will let me run VNC remotely, but not these two other boxes, and all have the same OS version.

Could it be that I'm an admin user on my box, but only a regular joe-user without admin rights is logged in on these two problem boxes?


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It works!
Authored by: Engelx on Jan 02, '04 06:05:58PM

holy shit
i cant do it...
i need some help.. please email me... this shitty cam crashes all my apps.. i have 10.3 OS so i think this is the problem
even on vpc crashes when i try to use the cam... first was so so .. now it crash...

on system profiler appears an attached cam on usb port... so i dunno what is it..

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