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Authored by: macavenger on Jun 30, '08 08:26:07AM

How do people get such huge collections? I have 1,841 items in my library, and have always thought that was huge! I'd have more, but there just isn't that much good music out there. Although I do have to admit I might be a bit of a music snob- while I like some of just about everything, it has to meet my standards to make it into my library. Unless the lyrics are good, it flows well, and it's performed well, it's unlikely to make it into my library (although I do admit to having a few mediocre tracks).

Or is it that people have a lot of versions of the same track? One poster here mentioned that he had something like 8 versions of each track, on average. I have made a point of NOT doing that- there are only about five tracks in my library where you will find more that one version, and about half of those are ones I purchased from the iTunes store, and after listing to the full thing found there was something I didn't like about that version that didn't show up in the 30 second preview. Either way, 50+ DAYS of music files seems insane to me :P :D

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Authored by: Peganthyrus on Jul 24, '08 07:13:37PM

'being old' is a good start.

I have about 8500 tunes in iTunes. A large percentage of this is the CD collection I accumulated in the years between the introduction of the CD (I remember when vinyl wasn't a novelty!) and 2001 or so, when I started digitizing my stuff on my then-new dual-450 G4. I'm not sure how many CDs that was, as they all got trashed in Hurricane Katrina. Something like 3-400. And each of them was carefully picked out; I had very few CDs that I didn't actually like.

Add in stuff ripped from friends' collections, ripping a bunch from my boyfriends' CD collection when I moved in with them, the times someone says 'hey you might like this' and points me at a well-ripped album, and so on, and it's pretty easy for a collection to grow to that size. And I don't consider myself a collector or anything like that. It's just the result of about 25 years of casual, thoughtful music acquisition.

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