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too many
Authored by: bhagemann on Jun 26, '08 06:39:14AM

well I'm at the high end of the curve with 114,204 songs (311:21:06:16 total time, 628 gigs). and that doesn't include another 300gigs of recently ripped and/or downloaded that I can't add in to my main iTunes library because it would probably make it unusable.

That's a HUGE problem I see... iTunes is a DOG in performance if the library gets above about 50,000 tracks... I noticed a performance issue after about 25,000. I _constantly_ get 30 seconds of beachball where I can't do a thing. Often just by scrolling thru the library, but especially if I write or correct a tag, try to make a playlist or add new songs... which as I've said I've not been doing. I keep hoping Apple will release a new rewritten pro-tunes application, but doesnt seem like its in the cards. They're more concerned with adding in the kitchen sink and whirlpool bath as well. too bad they didn't just create a media manager for the store/videos and ipod stuff, not a bit of which I ever use.

(not exACTLY on topic but if anyone has a suggestion for a similar app that works great with huge libraries, I'd like to know)

obviously I am a bit obsessive about music... a couple thousand cds, tons of old vinyl (slooooowly getting digitized or found in digital form but much OOP). Been a used record buff for 30 years now! Then... i discovered... and the live music archives! wow. talk about a diskspace killer ;-) My music fills a terrabyte drive with spillover onto another HD now. Thank goodness the $/gig has got so good lately!

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too many
Authored by: kirkmc on Jun 26, '08 06:43:06AM
I wrote about this recently on my blog and got many comments that go in the same direction:

At 42K items, it is very slow, especially when changing tags. I use a separate library to rip, because it works twice as fast.

And - yea, tons of stuff I don't keep in my library. I have hundreds of Grateful Dead concerts, as well as tons of other jam band music. I have a separate library for that too.


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try pruning your smart playlists
Authored by: chancer on Jun 26, '08 06:53:46AM

Try pruning your smart playlists.

I have about 30,000-odd songs, and lots more audiobooks, movies and podcasts. My iTunes was running like cold molasses until I pruned my smart playlists way down, and set most of the rest *not* to do live updates.

See if doing this helps you too.

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try pruning your smart playlists
Authored by: bhagemann on Jun 30, '08 07:47:41PM

I have no smart playlists and only 3 other playlists.... its SOOoooo slow and annoying that I don't do anything anymore with playlists. It is slow without playlists. as someone else indicated, after 30 or 40,000 tracks, the whole thing slows to a crawl.

Somewhere I read that it doesnt even matter if you have more CPU speed to throw at it, its a limitation of the XML storage method, but I dunno.... I only know that its borderline unusable at a certain point.

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too many
Authored by: ericdano on Jun 26, '08 07:43:13PM

Eh, beat ya. Almost 130K songs. I have a NAS that is raid-5ed that holds it all. Connected via Gigabit ethernet. Works great.

Will have to expand the NAS soon, as it is 94% full.......

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