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Creating custom shortcuts with apostrophes System
I'm running OS X localized in French and recently started using custom keyboard shortcuts extensively. But I've come across a few menu items for which I could not create a shortcut. I realized that all these items contained apostrophes. Not the same apostrophe as the one on the keyboard though (’ vs. ' which is a single quote, ascii 39).

I managed to find the right char in a *.strings file inside the Ressource/French.lproj folder of the application package ( in this case), which I could then copy and paste in System Preferences » Keyboard » Shortcuts.

I know the solution provided here is not very elegant. Maybe you will figure out something better.

[crarko adds: And if someone does have an alternative solution, please share it in the comments.]
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Creating custom shortcuts with apostrophes
Authored by: StrawHousePig on May 12, '14 07:15:51AM
Option-Shift-e perhaps?

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Creating custom shortcuts with apostrophes
Authored by: Soliman on May 12, '14 07:33:48AM
You can find it through the character visualizer (just search for apostrophe) or use a keyboard mapping that has the typographic apostrophe like

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Creating custom shortcuts with apostrophes
Authored by: mkhaw on May 12, '14 04:22:45PM

’ (right curly single quote) is Option+Shift+] on my US keyboard.

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Creating custom shortcuts with apostrophes
Authored by: Strod on May 12, '14 05:27:44PM
I checked into what I believe is the .strings file that @parraccourci (the submitter) is referring to, the one called MainMenu.strings. There are indeed several words with apostrophes there: l’onglet (tab), l’inspecteur (inspector), l’écran (screen).

I found that those are, indeed, right curly single quotes that can be produced by typing Option+Shift+] in a US English keyboard Option+Shift+4 in the "French" keyboard, Option+Shift+1 in a Spanish keyboard (Option+Shift+9 in Spanish-ISO), etc.

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Creating custom shortcuts with apostrophes
Authored by: Anonymous on May 30, '14 08:57:45AM

18 days and no new hints ... I guess it's time to remove this site from my reading list.

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Dead, or just on life support?
Authored by: chrischram on May 30, '14 11:42:16AM

If Mac OSX Hints is truly dead, I wish they'd just post an announcement, take the site down, and put an end to it.

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no recent updates? server problems maybe...
Authored by: joelseph on May 31, '14 08:27:34PM
Well, here is a link to a post of Craig's in the forums... on the thread regarding the Google-questions-to-view-comments issue.
Well, at the moment I'm getting errors when trying to edit/publish hints and comments on the main site. I don't know when/if someone is going to help me from the server side with this.

Anyway, that's why you aren't seeing anything new going up at the moment. I doubt this is related to the other issue being discussed here.

So hopefully the site isn't dead/dying yet... but I admit it doesn't draw me back as often as it used to... seems like the glory days of this site was about 7-9 years ago.

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Creating custom shortcuts with apostrophes
Authored by: Jon on Jun 10, '14 01:53:07PM

Just take a look in the Keyboard viewer to find out where it is located. (You activate it from System Preferences > Keyboard)
On my Swedish keyboard you make "curly apostrophes" wits shift-alt+ apostrophe". And you make "curly quotes" with alt-shift+2.
Typographically the curly versions is the right way to write quotes and apostrophes. In fact, the sign that we often use for quote (like I do here) is not a quote sign at all, but an inch-sign. Since real quotes and apostrophes is not part of all encodings an does not always work on the web, this "wrong" usage has been the common usage.

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