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Fix dimmed iOS dictation button iOS devices
I use dictation a lot on my iPhone. I have big thumbs, and typing on the iPhone's keyboard ledas to myna rerrors. So occasionally, when I see the dictation button is dimmed, I get quite frustrated.

iMore recently posted an article about how to fix this issue.

Apparently, this occurs when memory on the iOS device gets too low; the solution is then to force-quit as many apps as possible. You do this by double-pressing the home button to show the application switcher, then tapping and holding an icon until they all wiggle. Tap on the "do not enter" buttons at the top-left of the icons to quit them. Press the home button again to close the application switcher.

Since I saw the above article last week, I haven't had the dimmed dictation button, so I haven't been able to test this. I'd been restarting my iPhone when this problem arose. If you've seen this problem, please post in the comments to say whether this solution works for you.
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Fix dimmed iOS dictation button
Authored by: gballey on May 30, '13 12:45:30PM

When I've seen the dimmed dictation button, I've been able to restore it by just quitting the current app, not all "running" apps, and then restarting the offending app. Maybe I've just been lucky, but try that first. You can always go back and kill the rest if it doesn't work.

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Recently-used apps != running apps
Authored by: joewhite on May 31, '13 09:40:28PM

This hint is just wrong. I don't know why this keeps getting passed around as good advice. The iOS multitasking bar does not contain "a list of all running apps". It contains "a list of recently used apps". The user never has to manage background tasks on iOS.


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Fix dimmed iOS dictation button
Authored by: macsrwe on Jun 06, '13 06:01:10PM

Funny, I was hit with it today right before reading this hint. Tried the hint, and it did absolutely nothing. I quit everything except 1Password, no joy. iPhone 4S, running latest IOS.

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Fix dimmed iOS dictation button
Authored by: diosdog on Jun 24, '13 05:23:17PM

I always thought the dimmed dictation button was a result of using the application without an internet connection. Killing the app in question and restarting it (while connected to the internet) fixes it.

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