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Change OS X cursor size System
The Accessibility pane of System Preferences holds a number of interesting adjustments you can set to make your Mac easier to use. One of them is the ability to change the size of the cursor; the pointer you see on your screen.

Go to System Preferences > Accessibility, then click on Display. Drag the Cursor Size slider from Normal (smallest) toward Large. Find the size you want to use, and close the preference pane.

I have a 27" Thunderbolt Display, and I find the normal-sized cursor a bit small, so I've set mine to be a bit larger. You may find this to be a useful tweak as well.

Note that some applications may not use the changed setting. Feel free to post in the comments any apps that don't inherit this setting.
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Change OS X mouse pointer size
Authored by: mantrid on Apr 15, '13 08:18:27AM

>the cursor; the pointer you see on your screen.

No it isn't, a cursor is not a pointer. You can have both on the screen at the same time, and both may be used to perform specific tasks, separately or together, such as clicking the mouse button while holding the shift key to select a block of text between the cursor and the pointer. It is important to keep the terms separate to avoid confusion. Despite the wording used in Accessibility, I suggest the hint's title be changed to refer to the pointer or mouse pointer.

Apple not knowing the difference says a lot too.

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nitpick fail
Authored by: lowbatteries on Apr 15, '13 08:39:58AM

A pointer is a type of cursor. You can have more than one cursor on your screen - the distinction you're trying to make is between the text input cursor and mouse cursor (aka the mouse pointer).

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Change OS X mouse pointer size
Authored by: kirkmc on Apr 15, '13 09:21:00AM

Actually, depending on the app, both the pointer (mouse cursor) and cursor (text cursor) will change size. Even the hand cursor that shows up when you hover over a link in Safari will change size. But I assume that not all apps will do this correctly.

Mac OS X Hints editor - Macworld senior contributor

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Check your definition
Authored by: Makosuke on Apr 15, '13 03:15:19PM

> Apple not knowing the difference says a lot too.

Apple and its UI team is well aware of the difference; they just know what the word "cursor" means. It's a stereotypical answer, but look it up on Wikipedia for a simple, couple-sentence explanation--any input indicator onscreen is a "cursor", be it for text, mouse clicks, or manipulation in a 3D space. I certainly refer to the onscreen mouse pointer as a cursor.

Couple of interesting things about this hint: At least under 10.6, it does not affect the size of the text-input cursor, just the mouse cursor, and on 10.8 (maybe 10.7?), you get a much smoother-looking jumbo-cursor (one assumes because of the high-def retina artwork added to the OS).

Edited on Apr 15, '13 03:17:36PM by Makosuke

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Change OS X cursor size
Authored by: bryguy on Apr 15, '13 09:18:01AM

I use that on my Mac Mini HTPC - nearly impossible to see the mouse (cursor/pointer/whatever) on the TV at normal size. Weird behavior I get is every once in a while it reverts back to normal size and I don't know why.

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Change OS X cursor size
Authored by: NickV on Apr 15, '13 12:38:10PM

The size of the cursor reverts to normal every time I close the lid on my MacBook Pro, even though the "Cursor Size" setting looks the same in the Accessibility preference pane. I have to click on the setting to get the cursor to go back to my preferred, larger size.

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Change OS X cursor size
Authored by: frgough on Apr 16, '13 08:39:58AM

Now if Apple would just allow the pointer direction to flip to accommodate us leftys...

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Change OS X cursor size
Authored by: JimMueller on Apr 17, '13 11:33:51AM

There is one big problem with this - Photoshop (at least the CS4 version) has its brush cursors (Adobe does call them cursors) linked to this setting so if we enlarge the cursor so we can actually see it on our 17" MBPs, then a 30 pixel brush's representation covers the whole document - but actually paints the correct 30 pixel area. Makes it really hard to know what you're going to be airbrushing out. So we have to keep opening the System Settings to put the cursor back to "invisible on our screen" size before we use Photoshop.
Pain in the patootie.

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Change OS X cursor size
Authored by: RobHuska on May 24, '13 08:22:13AM

So would there be a way to change this preference through the terminal? The reason I ask is because i would like to set a keyboard shortcut to enlarge and decrease the size of my cursor so that when I go to a program like Photoshop I can shrink it quickly. If someone can come up with an if/else similar to this one here for showing/hiding hidden files so that I could put it into Automator, that would be awesome!

Here is the hidden file script:

STATUS=`defaults read AppleShowAllFiles`
if [ $STATUS == YES ];
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
killall Finder

I sourced this from here:


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