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Change the Notification Center sound System 10.8
I have to agree with Erica Sadun, at TUAW, who writes that Basso, the sound used by Notification Center, is horrid. It makes me cringe, and, because of this, I don't use sounds with Notification Center.

But Sadun found that you can change the Notification Center sound with a bit of a hack. If you go to ~/Library/Sounds and place a sound in AIFF format there, and name it Basso.aiff, Notification Center will use that sound. You'll need to run the following Terminal command to relaunch Notification Center (or restart your Mac):

killall NotificationCenter

You'll have a much better sound for notifications. I really think Notification Center should not only allow users to change the default sound, but also choose specific sounds for different applications, the same way you can choose a specific ringtone for different callers on iOS.
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Change the Notification Center sound
Authored by: frankfurter on Mar 07, '13 08:42:12AM

While it pains me to agree with anything Erica Sadun does or says, she's right.

As a longtime Mac user, I've often wondered why Apple seems to continually ignore the "bells and whistles", like desktop wallpaper, themes, and especially sounds. Submarine? Seriously?

Sure, I'm aware that it's possible to modify your system sounds, but why have they not updated the system sounds, like, ever?

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Change the Notification Center sound
Authored by: zo219 on Mar 08, '13 01:34:27PM

I agree. Twenty years of Sasumi is enough.

In reality, though, these and other system sounds are very easy to change.

And if you have iMovie and open the package, there are 95 different sounds (mp3s) in there. Go to iMovie/Contents/Resources/iMovie '08 Sound Effects.

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Change the Notification Center sound
Authored by: petersconsult on Mar 15, '13 03:10:42AM
In fact, it is: So Sue Me....
From a conflict with Apple Records (the Beatles record co) in which, for Apple Computer to use the word 'Apple', the Mac, or any other Apple product, was not supposed to be a musical instrument...
However, this sound was, in fact, a MIDI key sound, thus potentially transforming the Mac into a musical instrument...

However, Steve Jobs, being who he was, decided to go ahead with that simple sound and called it 'so sue me'....

i think that's pretty much how the story went (my poor memory is no longer what it used to be.. unfortunately, no upgrades available for that yet)...

PS: They did sue... Big time!


Edited on Mar 15, '13 03:13:01AM by petersconsult

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Change the Notification Center sound
Authored by: benbot on Mar 09, '13 06:58:36AM

Great tip! Just tested it and it works great. I can't believe we have to "hack" our Macs to do this.

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