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Keep iPhone silent except for selected callers iOS devices
The iPhone's Do Not Disturb setting (in Settings > Notifications) is a way to turn off rings, alerts and other sounds on your iPhone; it's great when you're in meetings, or in the movies.

However, you may want to not be disturbed and still want to be notified when you get calls from specific people. There's a way to do this, but it's a bit complex; a Stack Exchange member explained how to do it.

It involves creating a group for the person or people you want to "disturb" you in Contacts (either on your Mac or on; you can't do this on the iPhone), and selecting that group in Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb. You can choose to allow calls from Everyone, No One, Favorites, or specific groups. So you might have a few people set as Favorites, so you can call them quickly from the Phone app, but if you want to limit the rings to just one or two people, it's easier to create a group for them.

See the Stack Exchange post for details on creating groups in Contacts.
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Keep iPhone silent except for selected callers
Authored by: Supp0rtLinux on Mar 05, '13 08:47:41AM

This is only valuable if you're looking to filter phone calls. If you care about txt's or emails from those same people, you're SOL. This is, perhaps, one of my only gripes with DND… it needs to be contact-specific, not phone number specific. If I use DND and whitelist a group of people that can still contact me even when DND is turned on, then I want to be able to get phone calls, FaceTime, txt's, and/or emails from them.

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Keep iPhone silent except for selected callers
Authored by: hamarkus on Mar 05, '13 01:57:32PM

Phone calls are special in that they need to be answered the moment the caller calls to work as phone calls. All other communication can happen asynchronously. If a text does not make any sound and you see it only a while later, you can normally still answer it without any big issues. Sure, sometimes one needs to react quickly if, eg, your web server sends you an error message but whether the sound of a text or e-mail would wake me up in the night, I'd rather doubt it.

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Keep iPhone silent except for selected callers
Authored by: Supp0rtLinux on Mar 07, '13 01:14:21PM

I guess it depends on the user. I'm an IT guy and a father. My systems generally alert me to issues via txt or email. My boss understands I have a family and will generally txt or email me after hours so as to not wake up my wife with a ringing phone. And I can think of at least one occasion where my daughter needed to reach me at 1am but couldn't make a phone call… txting was her only option. In the early days of smartphones, phone calls were the important thing. But in today's world, people use phone calls, txts, emails, FB, etc almost interchangeably. This is also true of international callers who may want to txt or email to save on long distance charges.

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Keep iPhone silent except for selected callers
Authored by: emaven on Mar 05, '13 03:11:10PM

For those that do not have DND, assign a memorable individual ring tone to each one in the group so you'll even know who is calling. Then assign a silent sound as the default ring for everyone else.

Or assign everyone a special ringtone. You'll know who is calling by the personalized ring. And choose to answer only those you want to at the moment. Then you can apply the silent ring tone to phone spammers and never hear from them again. I add spammers to their own group as well.

Edited on Mar 05, '13 03:16:53PM by emaven

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