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10.7: New Finder Column View Preview Resize Bug System 10.7
As hints go, this one is more of a bug complaint than a hint, but the most recent version of Lion (10.7.5) introduced a bug in the Finder when in Column View which prevents you from resizing the last column/preview for files with long paths. I don't know if it is also a problem in 10.8, but in 10.7.4 there used to be a column separator on the right side of the last column containing the preview with a little area at the bottom that would allow you to grab the control and resize the preview. The preview would grow to fill as much space as possible.

In 10.7.5, that separator went away, which is fine for files that have a short path from the left-most column to the right-most column. You can still grab the side of the window and resize the last column. But for files with long paths (which introduce a horizontal scroll-bar), it sometimes becomes impossible to resize the last column. So here's a simple work-around.
  • Grab the right-most column separator (which is to the left of the last column) and drag it to the right, making the second-to-last column as wide as you want the last column to be.
  • Scroll all the way to the right
  • Grab the same column separator and drag it back to where it was. (Note the preview size does not grow when you do this.)
  • Slightly adjust the height of the finder window from the top or bottom and your preview will snap to the largest possible size to fill the space.
The utility of this hint is of course minor. One could always use quick-look as a work-around as well, but I find it quicker to adjust the last column's size, especially when switching back and forth between the Finder and other apps.

[crarko adds: I don't have 10.7.x around any more to try this, but it didn't seem to be an issue in 10.8.2.

Hi, all! Kirk is out this week so I am filling in in his absence. Nice to drop in, although I'm trying to remember all the little BBEdit shortcuts we use here, so please excuse me if things are formatted a bit oddly.

-- Craig A.]
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10.7: New Finder Column View Preview Resize Bug
Authored by: daybrother on Jan 07, '13 09:23:53AM

I think this is a general graphics problem with Lion and Mountain Lion. I have had an icon bug in finder in 10.8.x:
I prefer icon view in applications apps so I group them in order of use and type. Every now and then I find that the size and grouping of the apps has changed and the icons are so large they overlap while the sidebar size has changed which adds or subtracts a row in the finder window. The only way to fix it is to manually resize and rearrange the entire application folder/window. I would add that all files added to the desktop immediately jump to the upper left of the display---still waiting on a fix for that.
(Macbook Pro 17" 2.5GHz 2008.)

Edited on Jan 07, '13 09:25:30AM by daybrother

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10.7: New Finder Column View Preview Resize Bug
Authored by: mingo on Jan 07, '13 10:02:39AM

Try option-(double click) on a column divider. In my tests this adjusts the spacing so that the file names can be read.

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10.7: New Finder Column View Preview Resize Bug
Authored by: rodneyweston on Jan 07, '13 05:46:43PM

Is it really a bug? The easy thing to do is to resize the window by grabbing anywhere along the right hand edge! All additional space is given to the preview. That seems logical and intuitive to me.

You can also double click on the last of the column separators.

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10.7: New Finder Column View Preview Resize Bug
Authored by: robleach on Jan 08, '13 06:35:18AM

Resizing windows only works on files with short paths. Double-clicking column separators only works when you're reducing the width of the second-to-last column and I still had to adjust the height of the window for it to max-out the preview of my .txt document I tested. If the intent is to allow every column to be resizable, and the assumption is that for the last column, you can simply resize the window, then yes, this is a bug - because that doesn't work for files with long paths. If the developers knew that eliminating the last column separator would prevent resizing of columns for files with long paths, then it's not a bug, but rather a poor design decision.

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10.7: New Finder Column View Preview Resize Bug
Authored by: poenn on Jan 09, '13 11:10:55AM

Iím sorry if this is not 10.7-applicable, but why not revert to the old look via System Preferences / General / Always show scroll bars ?

This should get rid of the bug, at least I havenít noticed it in 10.8. and I always use this view.

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10.7: New Finder Column View Preview Resize Bug
Authored by: robleach on Jan 09, '13 01:49:01PM

Don't see that option. My description of the problem may be confusing people. The problem is that when a long path (say 9 columns including the preview), e.g.:

/System/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/CardDAVPlugin.sourcebundle/Contents/Resources/ar.lproj/InfoPlist.strings

is viewed in column view in the finder and the width of the path displayed is wider than your screen, it's impossible to resize the preview in the last column without doing the little trick I posted as my hint. This is because in the latest system update (10.7.5), they removed the last column separator. If the window width is not as wide as your screen and you're scrolled all the way to the right and you try to widen the last column by widening the window (as works with short paths) all the columns shift to the right and stay the same width until you can no longer widen the window because of the width of your screen. I suppose you could drag the whole window to the left (off the screen) so that you could keep making the window wider until it affected the width of the last column, but that's pretty cumbersome.

Does this make sense? I wish I could attach an image or video or something.


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10.7: New Finder Column View Preview Resize Bug
Authored by: poenn on Jan 10, '13 01:07:37AM

Aha, now I get it! The scroll bar is also gone in 10.8. I never encountered this due to my trusty old 30" Cinema Display providing lots of horizontal space I suppose. :-)

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10.7: New Finder Column View Preview Resize Bug
Authored by: robleach on Jan 10, '13 06:32:42AM

I assume you mean "column separator" instead of "scroll bar"... Even with my 27" monitor, I run into this problem a lot, since I typically don't have any finder windows more than half the width of my screen. Then again, this is my work computer and I have a lot of nested project folders for numerous projects. I guess the typical user doesn't have that much of a folder hierarchy.

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