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Fixe Camino 2.1 for compatibility with web sites Web Browsers
If you use Camino 2.1.2, you'll see warnings about it being an "out of date" browser or that there are incompatibilities with code, even though it uses a recent version of the Firefox Gecko engine. GMail notably displays these warnings. This fix solves the problem without "spoofing" the user agent to look totally like Safari or Firefox.

We want websites to know that we use Camino so they'll continue to support it. There's a simple change that will let you keep "Camino" as the user agent while enhancing compatibility.

  1. In the Camino address bar, type "about:config". If necessary, click OK to be allowed to edit the settings.
  2. In the search bar at the top of the settings list, type "user". This will shorten the list.
  3. Double-click the setting called "general.useragent.extra.notfox". At this point, it probably has the value "(like Firefox/3.6.28)"
  4. Edit that value, changing it to say "(like Firefox/13.0)"
  5. Save, quit and restart Camino.
On my machine, this changed only the last part of the browser's agent string, from:

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.7; en; rv: Gecko/20120308 Camino/2.1.2 (like Firefox/3.6.28)


Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.7; en; rv: Gecko/20120308 Camino/2.1.2 (like Firefox/13.0)

This fixed our problems with GMail and Blogspot.

This works because Camino 2.1.2 truly has the same core version of the Gecko web browser engine as Firefox 13.0. And Firefox 13 is modern enough for nearly every site on the Internet today, while Firefox 3.6.28 looks ancient.

Hopefully the maintainers of Camino will address this soon. But if you're having trouble with Camino, try this fix before switching to Safari or Firefox.

[kirkmc adds: I didn't test this; I don't use Camino.]
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Fixe Camino 2.1 for compatibility with web sites
Authored by: Typhoon14 on Sep 10, '12 08:33:07AM

Same core version of Gecko as Firefox 13? This isn't true. Camino is based on Gecko 1.9.2, the last version of Gecko to support embedding. Firefox 13 is based on Gecko 13, and has substantial improvements. This change may allow you to load some sites, but there is no guarantee they'll work properly. Supporting Camino means supporting a badly outdated version of Gecko. Given that Camino's market share is some tiny fraction of 1 percent, and given that most other niche browsers are based on webkit and don't require special treatment from web developers, I really can't fathom this change having any effect at all.

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Fixe Camino 2.1 for compatibility with web sites
Authored by: TGV on Sep 11, '12 01:59:32AM

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Camino per se. Yes, it's rendering engine is a bit old, but wrt UI, it is superior to Firefox and Safari. So perhaps supporting Camino will make the developer integrate a newer engine.

Your argument that it has a low number of users is not relevant. First, the statistics are never really accurate, and second, you know that the mac has a marginal following only. Generalizing your reasoning... Well, you know where this is heading.

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Fixe Camino 2.1 for compatibility with web sites
Authored by: rafa espada on Sep 10, '12 04:43:07PM
You can see Gecko versions in the wikipedia...
rafa espada

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There is a reason...
Authored by: katitutibla on Sep 16, '12 04:42:00AM

...why websites perhaps require a newer browser.
camino is very outdated - nothing wrong with it - but if you try to access newer technology websites you might experience very bad results - not as the creator wanted to let you see this.

there is a good reason to update your browser regulary - security, web-technologies etc.

changing the user-agent is not a fix or anything. it's a bad trick to fool the website and propably getting worse results.

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