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Add default fonts to Notes Apps
Notes only offers three default fonts, and there is no GUI option to change these or add others. You can, however, add fonts by editing a plist file.

Open /Applications/ (or the equivalent for the language you use), and you'll see three sets of text like this:
Copy one of them, paste it at the below those three sections, and add your preferred font and size. Note that you can specify the weight with "-Light," "-Bold," etc. Save the file, relaunch Notes, and choose your new default font from Format > Font > Default Font.
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Add default fonts to Notes
Authored by: DougAdams on Aug 13, '12 08:25:34AM

Whew! Thanks for this tip. I may actually use now.


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Add default fonts to Notes
Authored by: kirkmc on Aug 13, '12 10:16:53AM

Yes, me too. The default choices are too limited.

BTW, this may break when there's an OS update...

Mac OS X Hints editor - Macworld senior contributor

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Add default fonts to Notes
Authored by: Sesquipedalian on Aug 13, '12 10:36:35AM

This change will get overwritten on system updates, so it will probably be useful for people to have a quick script they can execute to add their preferred font back into the list. So here's one to do that.

Modify the value of myFont and mySize in the following to match your preferred font name and size, and then save it as an AppleScript wherever you like (~/Library/Scripts is a good place).

-- The user should set these values
property myFont : "Noteworthy-Light" --change this to the name of your preferred font
property mySize : 15 --change this number to your preferred font size

set plistfile to "/Applications/"

set {NotesIsRunning, NotesIsFrontmost} to {running, frontmost} of application "Notes"
if NotesIsRunning then quit application "Notes"
delay 0.5 --give the application half a second to finish quitting

set perms to (do shell script "stat -f \"%Lp\" " & quoted form of plistfile)
do shell script "chmod 777 " & quoted form of plistfile with administrator privileges

tell application "System Events" to 
if ((every property list item whose value is {FontName:myFont, |Size|:mySize}) 
in contents of property list file plistfile) is {} then 
make new property list item at end of contents of property list file plistfile 
with properties {value:{FontName:myFont, |Size|:mySize}}

do shell script "chmod " & perms & space & quoted form of plistfile  
with administrator privileges

if NotesIsRunning then launch application "Notes"
if NotesIsFrontmost then activate application "Notes"

I've built in a check so that running the script more than once won't make duplicate entries, so you can run it whenever you like to make sure Notes is set to offer your preferred default font.

EDIT: Added permissions modification to allow the user to modify the file. Only administrators will be able to do this.

Edited on Aug 13, '12 11:16:27AM by Sesquipedalian

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Add default fonts to Notes
Authored by: tclementdev on Aug 28, '12 12:35:09PM

Actually this does not get overwritten on system updates (the selected default font is stored in the Notes app user preferences). So no worry :)

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Add default fonts to Notes -- iOS implications
Authored by: Foxhoyle on Aug 14, '12 08:55:37PM

How does this affect the Notes app on an iOS device? Does it display the same text with a different font on the iOS device?

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Add default fonts to Notes
Authored by: MikeV99 on Aug 16, '12 06:31:04AM

I have tried to change the permissions in Mountain Lion to make this change and am unable to get permission to make the change. I thought I understood permissions but I guess I do not. Would someone please give me a step-by-step list on how to make the permission change.


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Add default fonts to Notes
Authored by: bluesman13 on Oct 07, '12 04:02:06PM


I had the same problem with permissions not allowing me to edit the plist file. This worked for me: I created a duplicate file, saved it to the desktop, renamed it the same name as the original, and then moved it into the original folder listed above. When I tried to move it, it gave me the option of "authenticate". I said yes and it replaced the original with the edited file.

Good luck!

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