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Collect RSS feed URLs from Mail System 10.8
Mountain Lion removes RSS functionality from both Mail and Safari. To facilitate the transfer of your feeds to another RSS reader, you can collect the feed URLs by running the following script in the ~/Library/Mail/V2/RSS directory of your latest backup.
  1. Go to: ~/Library/Mail/V2/RSS/ in your latest backup.
  2. Run the following in Terminal:
    find . -name "Info.plist" -exec grep -A 1 Feed {} \; | grep string | sed 's/^[^>]*>//' | sed 's/<[^>]*>$//'
[kirkmc adds: I never used RSS with Mail or Safari so I don't see anything there.]
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Collect RSS feed URLS from Mail
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jul 30, '12 08:15:25AM

I don't use Mail, so all my feeds were in Safari. There were really only about seven I cared enough to move to a new RSS reader. I downloaded NetNewsWire, and when you click on a feed in Safari, it sends it right over to NNW. So that might be helpful for others that never use Mail.

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Collect RSS feed URLS from Mail
Authored by: dilvish1984 on Jul 30, '12 02:13:02PM

In the first grep portion of your command, you search for the string "Feed" to find the URL key/value pair in the Info.plist files... this is a problem if any other strings in the files contain the word "Feed" (in my case, one of my feeds was named "The ... feed", so your command failed on that item). To be more universally applicable, you should search on the entire key you are looking for from the Info.plist file, which is actually "RSSFeedURLString" (at least in my version of Mail).

So your command should read:

find . -name "Info.plist" -exec grep -A 1 RSSFeedURLString {} \; | grep string | sed 's/^[^>]*>//' | sed 's/<[^>]*>$//'

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Collect RSS feed URLS from Mail
Authored by: pajp on Jul 31, '12 01:26:35PM

You can also simply run "pubsub list" in Terminal. Or "pubsub list client" to only list feeds from Run "man pubsub" for more information.

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